Miitopia Job Guide: Mage


In Miitopia, players are able to customize their Mii hero thanks to the Job System, which lets them pick a job that learns different skills after reaching certain levels. As more and more jobs are unlocked as the adventure proceeds, knowing what each job does is very important to survive all of the game’s most difficult battles and defeat the Dark Lord and his minions.

Here is everything you need to know about the Mage job.


The Mage job is among those that are unlocked at the start of the game. This job specializes in dealing magical damage with a variety of different skills that, while powerful, consume a considerable amount of MP. As such, you may want to have the means of restoring MP so as to let the Mage continue dishing out as much damage as possible. Due to the low HP stat, however, it is not recommended that you make this job the main job of your hero, as the Mage is always close to being defeated, especially in boss battles.

Best Personalities

Due to the Mage’s low HP, you definitely do not want this job to fight on the frontlines. As such, the best personality for a Mage is Laid-back, which provides some additional protection during combat.


The Mage learns a variety of powerful magic spells that can deal damage to single and multiple targets, usually for a somewhat high MP cost.

Fire – Level 1 – Toast a single enemy with mystic fire (magic).
Lightning – Level 4 – Zap an enemy with lightning. Also hits enemies on either side (magic).
Sleep Tight – Level 6 – Make a friend doze off, recovering their HP as they sleep. (magic)
Explosion – Level 9 – Invoke an explosion, sending all enemies up in flames. (magic)
Enlarge Weapon – Level 11 – Make a friend’s weapon really big for one attack (auto, magic).
Mega Fire – Level 14 – Char-grill a single enemy with searing flame. (magic)
Mega Lightning – Level 16 – Sizzle an enemy plus those on either side with fierce lightning. (magic)
Mega Explosion – Level 20 – Invoke a huge explosion, sending all enemies up in flames. (magic)
Barrier – Level 24 – Erect a barrier in front of you that reduces all damage taken. (magic)
Giga Lightning – Level 28 – Zap an enemy plus this on either side with fierce lightning. (magic)
Giga Explosion – Level 33 – Invoke a huge fireball that deals huge damage to all enemies. (magic)
Tower of Flame – Level 37 – Bake one enemy to a crisp with a mage-tastic flaming pillar. (magic)

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Miitopia Job Guide: Mage


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