Miitopia Job Guide: Flower


Miitopia is a very straightfoward role-playing game, but straightforward doesn’t mean without depth. Thanks to the job system, you are able to assign different professions to your Mii hero, and make them learn different abilities that will allow you to take on the most powerful of monsters and save the world in the process.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Flower job.


The Flower job is essentially an improved version of the Cleric. This job focuses mostly on healing just like the Cleric does, but it comes with higher HP and defense, making it more resilient and harder to take down. It’s far from being one of the most exciting jobs in the game, but its variety of supportive skills make it an extremely good job to have in your party, especially in boss battles.

The Flower job is unlocked after completing Chapter 2 and reaching the Realm of the Fey.


With HP and Defense coming with decent growth rates, you don’t really need to invest in these stats. On the other hand, you want to make sure the Flower can use its skills without having to use items often, so you should be improving MP as much as possible. Enhancing the Magic stat is also quite important to make sure the Flower’s supportive skills are as effective as possible.


The Cautious and Energetic personalities are those that work the best with the Flower job. The first makes the job even more effective in certain situations, at the cost of always acting last, while the second makes the Flower the ultimate supportive job, thanks to the MP restoration abilities granted by the Energetic personality.


While the Flower mostly learns support skills, it does learn a few offensive ones that can deal some decent damage.

Gentle Fragrance – Level 3 – Restore a friend’s HP with a floral aroma. (Magic)
Life Dew – Level 4 – Get a fallen friend to wake up and smell the flowers. (Magic)
Bluster – Level 6 – Buffet an enemy with a strong wind. (Magic)
Sweet Fragrance – Level 8 – Use the life force of flowers to greatly restore a friend’s HP. (Magic)
Restoring Whistle – Level 9 – Bring confused friends back to their senses with a whistle call (Magic)
Flower Bed – Level 15 – Fill the party with nature’s energy, restoring everyone’s HP. (Magic)
Flower Power – Level 20 – Channel the forces of nature into a friend, turning them wild.
Mega Flower Bed – Level 25 – Cradle everyone in a bed of flowers, greatly restoring HP for all. (Magic)
Hurricane – Level 32 – Blast all enemies head-on with gale-force winds. (Magic)

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Miitopia Job Guide: Flower


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