Miitopia Job Guide: Elf


By the time you reach the game’s final chapter, you will have unlocked most of the jobs available in Miitopia. At this point, you will have so many different choices that you probably do not need more of them, but the game still does provide an additional job that is extremely good at pretty much everything, thanks to a skillset that sets it way above every other job in the game.

Here’s how to unlock this super powerful job, the Elf, which skills it learns and which stats to improve to make it even more powerful.


The Elf is the final job you can unlock in Miitopia, as you need to obtain the Elven Charm by defeating the Replica Dark Lord at the end of the Uncharted Galados, which can only be accessed by completing the story. Being such a late game job, it is not surprising that the Elf is extremely good in pretty much all areas: it can deals tons of damage with the Hail of Arrows skill, restore MP with Forest’s Blessing, protect other party members with Forest Aegis and heal them with the Healing Melody. No matter which role you want the Elf to play, it will excel at it.


Given how the Elf can deal a lot of damage with the physical-based Hail of Arrows skill, enhancing Attack is the best way to make this skill even more effective. Make sure to improve MP every now and then as well so as to always have some magic points to unleash the Elf’s incredibly useful abilities.


If you’re thinking about making the Elf a true machine of death, you will want them to have a Cool personality, which grants access to Pressure Point that increases all damage by 1.5. Energetic, and Laid-back work decently as well, as their unique quirks seem to work well with the Elf’s skills.


No matter what you want to do in battle, the Elf got you covered, as the job learns offensive, defensive and supportive skills.

Dancing Arrow – Level 9 – Shoot an enemy with an arrow that can cause chronic dance fever.
Healing Melody – Level 12 – Play a gentle melody that heals the party’s wounds.
Enchanted Arrows – Level 17 – Hit an enemy plus those on either side with arrows of light.
Forest Aegis – Level 22 – Place a barrier in front of a friend to reduce all kinds of damage.
Counter Arrow – Level 26 – Shoot an arrow at an enemy to stop it from attacking a friend.
Forest’s Blessing – Level 31 – Resonate with the forest to restore MP to a friend.
Hail of Arrows – Level 34 – Rain arrows of light down from high, hitting all enemies.

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Miitopia Job Guide: Elf


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