Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread is a very unforgiving game in more ways than one. Not only many of the bosses are quite powerful and require skill to beat, the game often doesn’t provide guidance on where to go next after unlocking a new ability, which can lead to frustration, especially if the player isn’t a long time fan of the series accustomed to its mechanics and game flow.

Among these times where you may feel a little lost is right after getting the Space Jump ability. Here’s where to go next.

Where to Go After Getting the Space Jump Ability in Metroid Dread

The Space Jump ability is an extremely useful ability that lets you jump multiple times in the air by pressing the jump button with the right timing. This essentially lets you float in the air and reach areas that were not accessible without the ability.

Just like after getting the Spin Boost ability, you will need to use Space Jump properly to continue exploring planet ZDR. After getting the ability, return to Ghavoran, use Morph Ball to navigate the narrow pathway, and drop into the water. Here, you need to use Space Jump to reach the area to the right, use the Green Teleporter to get back to Burenia, and enter the big underwater area. Here, you will need to get to a door to the left side, which can be reached by starting from the left side, use Space Jump and then grab the blue wall to drop a platform. Once this is done, get back on the left side, climb a little higher, and then Space Jump again to the left. The platform you have dropped will now be at the right height for you to climb on top of it and then jump near the door. Open it, and you will finally be able to explore new areas.

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