Metroid Dread

Like pretty much every major release from Nintendo, Metroid Dread is not only compatible with select amiibo figures that have been released in the past few years, but its release has also been accompanied by new figures created specifically for the game. These figures not only look great but can also be used to unlock content inside the game.

Here’s how to use amiibo in Metroid Dread and what you can get for doing so.

How to Use Amiibo in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread

Using amiibo in Metroid Dread is pretty straightforward, and it can net you some very nice rewards that can make the game considerably easier. To scan amiibo figures, all you need to do is press the – button to enter one of the game’s menus, select the amiibo option and scan a figure by placing it on the Joy-Con right stick. Only Metroid series figures can be used in Metroid Dread.

If you scan the Samus amiibo, you will receive a free Energy Tank the first time you do, and get your health fully restored if you scan it again. If you scan the E.M.M.I. figure, you will get your Missile Capacity increased the first time you do, and get missiles restored if you scan it again. The same effects can be achieved with any other Samus amiibo for the Energy Tank and any villain amiibo like Dark Samus, Metroid, and Ridley for the extra Missile Capacity.

Any specific Metroid amiibo can only be scanned once per day, but there is a quick workaround that can essentially break Metroid Dread’s difficulty. If you change your console’s internal clock and move it a day forward, you can pretty much scan any amiibo repeatedly, thus making restoring health and missiles incredibly easy. We suggest you do not do this too often, as it’s the challenge level that makes Metroid Dread such an engaging experience.

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