Metroid Dread

Quite some time has passed since the release of the previous entry in the Metroid series, and many features, such as auto-saving, have become the standard in video games.

While Metroid Dread does feature a modernized version of the typical Metroid platforming experience, the new entry in the series is still as unforgiving as ever, and even saving the game is not as straightforward as it is in most games released in recent times.

Here’s how to save in Metroid Dread and why you should do it as often as possible.

How to Save in Metroid Dread

As mentioned above, Metroid Dread doesn’t feature any sort of auto-save mechanic, so the only way to save the game and avoiding losing too much progress is to do it manually.

To save your game in Metroid Dread, you need to use either a Save Station or a Network Station. Access them by standing in the middle of the room and accept to save the game when prompted to record your progress.

There is no real difference in saving at either station. The only difference between the two stations is that you are able to interact with ADAM in Network Stations, and thus receive additional information on the planet ZDR and the current happenings.

How to Find Save Stations in Metroid Dread

Save and Network Stations are not too difficult to find in Metroid Dread, and you will find plenty of them just exploring the different areas of planet ZDR. Once discovered, areas where you can save your game are highlighted on the map in yellow, which makes it easier for them to be found on it. The map system in the game can get a little confusing, so it’s a good idea to leave one of the markers on an easy-to-access save station to locate it as quickly as possible when needed.

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