Metroid Dread Ferenia Speed Booster Puzzle Guide: Tips and Cheats

Metroid Dread Ferenia Speed Booster Puzzle Guide: Tips and Cheats

There are many different puzzles in Metroid Dread that you can solve to unlock new costume pieces. Some of them are not difficult, while others are. In The Ferenia, you will come across three Speed Booster Puzzles, which can be considered difficult. In this guide, we’ll show you how to solve them.

Speed Booster Puzzle Guide

Head north from EMMI to get to the cold zone for the first puzzle. You need to accelerate well, so start right to the door. Now run and charge your Speed ​​Booster. And then activate Shinespark before the wall. Now slide into the resulting hole and jump down. There will be a hole on the right where you need to climb in the form of a ball. Load up your Shinespark boost and head Samus to the right. On the left under the ceiling, you will find the Missile Tank behind the block.

Now go to the Dairon shuttle, there will be a second puzzle. You will need to scatter from the shuttle and again, in front of the wall, convert the charge to Shinespark. Then you have exactly 5 seconds to complete the trick.

Climb up the left ledge and use a Morph Ball to roll further left. Now you need to exit the Morph Ball by pressing up and then simultaneously press Y + B and right to dash. Once you destroy the barrier, you will get another Ferenia Missile Tank.

For the third puzzle, you need to run from the shuttle to the left. Then make a slide and in front of the wall again converting Shinespark. Do the Y + B trick again and press left to jump onto the incline. You will start Speed ​​Boosting again and after reaching the top convert to Shinespark again. In Ball form, roll to the right, and repeat the Y + B combination one more time to jump and run to the right. Where you have to convert Shinespark again. And now boost up to get to the Energy Tank.

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Metroid Dread Ferenia Speed Booster Puzzle Guide: Tips and Cheats


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