Among the most iconic abilities seen in the Metroid series is the Morph Ball ability, which allows Samus to transform into a ball to further explore the dangerous locations she travels to. This iconic ability returns in Metroid Dread, complete with some nice upgrades that allow Samus to fight enemies even in this seemingly harmless form.

Here are all of the Morph Ball upgrades in Metroid Dread.

All Morph Ball Upgrades in Metroid Dread

Unlike other entries in the series, Samus cannot morph into a ball right from the start of the game. On the contrary, you will have to play a decent chunk of the game without this ability, as it is unlocked only after defeating the Green E.M.M.I. in Cataris.

Morph Ball UpgradeEffects
Morph BallLets Samus turn into a ball to access tight spaces.
Found in Cataris after defeating the Green E.M.M.I.
BombLets Samus drop a bomb while in ball form to damage enemies and get launched in the air.
Found in Dairon.
Cross BombHigher power bombs that damage enemies and launch Samus in a cross radius.
Found in Ghavoran.
Power BombFull-screen bomb that destroys all enemies and obstacles.
Destroys All Bomb Blocks.
Found in Hanubia.

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