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Merge Plane Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get All Planes (2020)

Merge Plane Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get All Planes (2020)

Time to become an airline giant! Merge Plane is an idle game where you take control of your very own airplane parking apron! Buy planes and merge them into new ones – who knows what you are going to get next? Our Merge Plane cheats and tips will show you how to get all the planes in the game.

As long as you keep merging at the right time, you should do just fine in Merge Plane. We have a couple tips on how to maximize your profits, so let’s get started with our Merge Plane cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to get all planes!

Wait for freebie planes!

If you prefer to save your coins, you can wait a while. Periodically the game will spawn in a free lower level plane for you, provided you have an open spot in your parking apron.

Because of this, you can simply wait if you have a lot of time to earn new planes without spending a dime.

Note that you must have the game open and running for this to occur, as planes will not spawn in when the game is closed.

Buy planes but watch out for the prices!

You can skip the wait and buy planes directly from the shop. Their prices are equal to your current player level.

For example, certain higher rank planes will cost gems, but once you rank up they will cost normal coins instead.

Keep in mind one important thing: plane prices are individually priced and they permanently increase every time you buy one. Buying a bunch of level 1 planes is super cheap early on, but the more you do it the more expensive it gets. Don’t be surprised when they start costing 5,000+ coins!

To avoid one plane getting too expensive, try to balance out your purchases. Buy a bunch of level 1 planes, then buy level 2, and so forth.

A good idea here is to look at the actual price of a lower level plane and compare it with the next level plane. Taking the example above, if your lvl 1 Caproni costs 5,000 coins and the level 2 plane is 8,000, the latter is more advantageous to purchase.

But if it costs 12,000, buy two level ones and merge them for a cost-effective way of progressing through the game!

Always have your top plane on the track!

When you’re not merging, you should always have one plane that is your highest level. This plane should always be on the track as it will generate a lot of coins for you.

As you wait for new planes to spawn in, your plane will continue to bring in the dough. When you are done playing the game, be sure to place as many planes on the track as you can for maximum away-profit.

Even when playing the game it is a good idea to keep as many planes as possible running on the track: this means more money for you. But definitely don’t forget to fill it up before logging off for maximum profits!

Activate the coin booster and double speed!

At any point you can activate the double speed booster, which doubles the speed of all your planes, effectively doubling your profits. You can activate it by either paying a small gem fee or watching an advertisement.

While this is great on it’s own, it can get even better! A UFO will fly across the top of the screen occasionally – tap on it to see what bonus it’s offering. If you watch the advertisement, it will activate its bonus.

The most coveted bonus is the 5x coin multiplier which dramatically increases your income by the hour. If you activate that bonus with the double speed, prepare to watch coins rain from the sky!

Keep your track filled!

The only time your track shouldn’t be maxed out is when you are actively playing the game and merging your planes often.

Any other times you should throw all of your planes on the track – even your low level ones, as they will still generate coins for you!

Have in mind that if you have 10 planes running at the same time on the track will give you an income boost, which will usually mean better money made even if you have lower level planes running around (instead of under 10 high level ones).

That’s all for Merge Plane! Just keep merging and leveling up and you will have all the planes! If you have any other tips to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Merge Plane Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get All Planes (2020)


  1. Wow! Looks like I lucked out and got in early on a (relatively) new game! I downloaded this to my iPhone a couple of days ago, and am HORRIBLY addicted to it. I’ll offer a few things I’ve discovered, so far.

    1) Be prepared to watch a s**tload of ads. I mean, almost non-stop. The good news about this is that you can do things with your phone on your desk, for example, and just reach over occasionally and tap a button to watch a new ad. I find this particularly useful to get Double Speed going. Double Speed is sold in increments of 150 seconds, at the price of 3 gems or an ad watch. The ad watch is surprisingly easy for me: I have my phone by my keyboard, and with peripheral vision, I can see when an ad has concluded. Reach over with left hand and close the ad and start another one, two finger taps. Several times in a row and you’ve built up 30 minutes of Double Speed! OCD? Hells yeah! But because you’re watching all these ads, make sure you…

    2) Keep a phone charger handy! This game, played aggressively, mows through a phone battery like a hungry goat through a pile of garbage. One small trick: turn your screen brightness down as low as you can stand it.

    3) Keep your track filled with planes, but focus on keeping higher-rank planes. Example: If you have 6 planes on your track, better to have a 4-4-4-3-3-1 combination than a 6-6-2-1-1-1. I try to fill up as many slots with my highest power plane (right now, it’s an 11, the Dolphin) before I boot up to the next level plane.

    4) Watch the SHOP for FREE PLANES! Every few minutes, a sign will start bouncing in front of the shop. This is an opportunity to watch a video for a free plane. When you first start the game, the free plane is a 3 (MiG-3) … but as you progress through the levels of the game, that free plane also goes up the ladder. My free plane for the past day or so has been the 7 (F2A-3).

    5) My boxes (gold boxes, whatever they’re called) no longer bring me the 1 (Caproni) planes. Lowest I see drop down is 2 (Spitfire), and I’m seeing right now a mix of 2 and 3 planes being dropped, with 3 being more prominent. I can still buy Caproni planes in the store, but why would I? I’ve outgrown them. I expect that in another couple of days, I’ll outgrow the Spitfires, as well.

    Keep in mind that your game level does not necessarily correspond with the highest plane on your track. I now have two or three Dolphins, but I’m at game level 15.

    Looking at the store, I see spaces all the way up to a 30 (with the shadow/silhouette of 27 looking an awful lot like an X-Wing from “Star Wars!”).


    • Why are you suggesting below, if 5 is more than double 4 coins and 6 is more than double 5 wouldn’t concentrating at the higher end get more coins faster?

      Better to have a 4-4-4-3-3-1 combination than a 6-6-2-1-1-1.

      • Because of the amount of coins generated. Total amount of several mid planes is higher than few high + tons of small planes. Also have in mind that you should have all lanes occupied, you’ll get a bonus for that.

        • I disagree. It takes 3 lv.1 planes to beat 1 lv.2 plane but 1 lv. 2 plane and 1lv.1 plane is better. You need 9.lv1 planes to beat 1lv.3 plane but you can use those lv.1 planes to make 2 lv.3 planes with 1 lv.1 which is more than 9 lv.1 planes. So it’s always better to merge whenever possible

          • When you merge two planes the merged plane is always slightly better than the 2 original planes so it is better to merge. However, if you fill up the track with 10 planes you get a bonus. So you want to keep 10 planes at all times but don’t merge until the track runs out of room because the premium you earn from merging is smaller than the 10 plane bonus. It is slightly more advantageous to merge 2 higher level planes than to merge 2 lower level ones. Therefore, your board will have a few high level planes you merged at the earliest opportunity, but you also have a lot of the lowest level planes just to keep the track full to earn the bonus, for example, 14-12-9-8-5-5-5-5-5-5.

  2. I am currently ranked #2 and slowly climbing my way to the #1 spot. Here are my tips for climbing the fastest (including a glitch i will cover at the end).

    1: If your lvl 1 plane costs 5k buy lvl 2 planes untill they cost 10k and then the lvl 3 plane untill it costs 20k and so on. Each lvl increase should allways double the price.

    2. Having 10 planes on the track will hand you a small boost to your income so merging isn’t allways the best option unless you can quickly fill up the track again.

    Now for the glitch…
    You can, with this glitch, have the 5x money and double speed boosts active for as long as you want (as long as you don’t close the game or switch to another app). To Make this happen go into your device’s settings and adjust the date to some time in the future. I set mine to 3 days ahead. After that open the game and click the UFO untill you get the 5x income boost for an ad watch. After watching the ad quickly go and watch an ad for double speed boost. If done correctly the gold rain will not go away. Once the double speed boost timer reaches Zero it will go back up to 99:99 and start counting down again. I have a total of 16.75x gold when I have my game open with this.

    • During the Middle Ages, the Knights of the Round Table tried with their Merlin devices, playing one of the more popular jousting games of the time, “Merge Knight.” King Arthur found out and dropped the hammer on them.

      This is probably the single oldest trick in the book. Many developers catch onto it and weed out the glitch, and a few have gone even further. I think it was CSR Racing (the first one, back in 2012 or 2013) where developers found out about this, and snuck a piece of code into one of the updates. Players/users updated the game, tried to mess with their device settings and were soon greeted with a warning sign the next time they fired up the game, and several of the things they’d worked hard for (cars, money etc) had been reset to “0”.

      YMMV … but I use my phone for far too many other things, especially calendar events and reminders, to fool around with these settings for some petty little game.

    • Any body know what’s up with the revolution airport? Seems I didn’t update intone and missed my opportunity to play it or something? My events always happen on weekends starting sometime in the afternoon on Friday, not sure why the time changes slightly from week to week, but anyway would really like to know how to get the revolution airport, I’m level 60 and have 3 level 50 planes in my main airport, nothing more I can really do except get more lv 50 planes

  3. Another question: Has anyone ever reached a point where they, for lack of a better term, ran out of ads?

    I was at home with a sick dog recently, so spent a lot of time on this game… idly tapping the screen to burn through ads while I was watching a movie on Netflix. (I mean, really, does anyone ever actually *watch* the game ads? XD )

    Later that evening, I started seeing these popup warnings, something like “Ads not available, please try later.”

    I’ve seen this happen with one other game, “Fastlane: Road to Revenge.” I contacted the developers about it, and was told that advertisers buy blocks of a certain number of ad exposures or clicks… and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

    • Heya, I’ve had the same thing happen as I played a lot at work. Try force shutting the app down and then reloading it again. If that doesn’t work, restart your phone and that normally gets it going for me.

      • Wait, I stand corrected… holy pile of burning cats, you bought the Gold Membership?

        You’re paying $4.99/WEEK?!?!?

        All you can do is turn off “Auto-Renew” (wherever they’ve hidden that). Read the fine print at the bottom of the Gold Membership page. Good luck!

        • If you are on andriod go in to google play and search the game. There should be a manage subscriptions spot under uninstall and open options. Once you touch that it should show your active subscription amd you can tap it and cancel your sub.

  4. To turn off your subscription

    You need to go to your settings on your phone. For iPhone; Settings then scroll down to iTunes and App Store- tap on your iTunes name- you may need to login.

    After that a screen will show ‘manage subscriptions’

    Find MergePlane – unsubscribe

    Remember- you need to do this a FULL 24 HOURS before your next RENEWAL.

    Otherwise, your tagged for another week.

  5. Ok….. can you watch too many ad’s to the Pinot that it says ‘no video available’ have I become so obsessed with this game that I’ve run them out of adverts? Because they are the same ones over and over!!! And I’m stuck at level 30 and I’ve only been playing a week ‍♀️

  6. Hi, I updated the app 2 days ago and got new tasks including having planes level 37 (for jewels). I’m also on player level 30 and bar full but won’t go to level 31, and no sign of Star Trek. I have 2 planes level 30 but can’t merge them.

    I contacted the developers and this is the reply I got:

    “The highest player level is 30, and the highest aircraft level is about to be updated to level 40.
    We are about to open higher levels and add more aircraft
    Star Trek has a little accident, and this week we decided to update the player level first.“

    I hope that helps.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if his “little accident” happened with a phone call or email from some folks at Paramount Studios. Like maybe “Star Track” was just a little too close for comfort.

  7. Can someone explain how I unlok runway level 5?? I already did the coin conversion but its still greyed out. I am at level 31. Any suggestions?? Thanks.

  8. Why can’t i get past level 30?
    Been on level 30 for over a week now, snd the level-meter? is max’ed out and have been for many days, but I DON’T LEVEL UP


        • I have a reliable source that says the global top spot on this game is held by a 10-year-old kid from Japan who just crossed into the quintillions this past Sunday. You heard it here first!

          • Quintillions can’t be right. I’m nearing 500quint, and I’m in 2nd place in my league or whatever. And while we’re at it, man, that’s disappointing. It hadn’t occurred to me until this thread that my rank might actually be crap. I thought there just weren’t that many people playing. I mean, one of the first achievements was to reach rank 5,000. That probably means there are 10,000 to a server or something. I wish we could see world ranks. Yet another way to keep the suckers tapping, I suppose.

  9. I have 3 Level 30 aircraft… 3 “Fearless” aircraft.

    Try as I might, over and over and over again… they will not merge.

    Anyone else run into this problem?

    P.S. The post about the Japanese kid with quintillions was a joke… sorry!

    • Do you see planes above level 30 in the shop? If not, you may need an update or something. I was stuck with 30’s for a while, but they added 10 more planes a week or two ago. Now I’m stuck again.

  10. Question: How many here have actually achieved this so called “Star-Track” or “Space-Trek” or whatever they call it?

    Supposedly, you used to get this @ Level 20; when I hit Level 19 and Plane 19 (Tornado), this mythical place disappeared. New planes were added to the regular track, up to Plane 30 (Fearless).

    I merged a Fearless plane late last week. This past weekend, I built up 5 Fearless planes on my main runway. Yes, you heard me right—I had 5 Fearless planes. I tried several times to merge them, nothing would work. No Space-Trek or Star-Track.

    I updated the game on Sunday, and suddenly my Fearless planes are merging. There is now, also, a plane in the main track that goes up to Level 40.

    There are achievements that say, “Get 3 Lv.38 plaines in the Central Airport,” followed by “Get 5 Lv.1 planes in the Space-Trek Airport.”

    My theory? Space-Trek no longer exists as a real area of the game that you can reach. It is hinted at it in the Achievements area, but no user actually gets there. The bar, as they say, is continually moved.

    Very briefly, the “Star-Trek” actually existed. Here’s a YouTube video of it:

  11. Trash plane isnt working for me either. Rather annoyingly I now have only one of each plane blocking my parkway… At least it’s only on the event.

  12. I am at level 31, with highest airplane level 28 (Corp). Achievements are really frustrating…they keep adjusting when i reach the goal… : ‘get 50 lv. 23’…once i get it, it changes to : ‘ get 100 lv.23’!
    I tought when i reached all of Central Airport achievements I would level up to Space-Trek… but doesnt seem to be the case…

  13. I just did an update and now I have to start over at level 1??? This is the second time!! I had 2,662T and have lost it all. Can you help me get back to level 29 with my coins??????

  14. Any ideas on how to unlock runways?..lets say Runway(lv.2) in shop —> others ?

    I have reached level 20 plane but still can upgrade the runway level 2

  15. is it possible that with unlocking the first 40 plane the “free planes” from the shop stop?
    Since i did that today no free plane was offered anymore. If i had knowledge of that i would not have merged…Anyone an Idea?

    • You need WiFi for the adds. Sometimes the WiFi gets temporarily cut off for the game and it’s annoying but you can’t do anything about it.

  16. I can’t believe I’m addict to this game… I am level 46 now with plane level 42. I thought the game stops with plane level 40, but when I have had 5 level 40 planes, the higher level planes are unlocked. Now I have to continue playing…

    • I thought the same…The new Levels came with the last Update. Very Dissapointing! I reached Rank 23 and several Level 40 Planes. I think with this Update i will quit merging planes :-(

    • I am in the same boat ….. 11 out of 12 no 50 and at level 60. Will soon have 12 x no 50. Then what ???? Just let it accumulate wealth and that’s it ???
      Has anyone reached more than 11000ac ?
      Our leaderboard top 5 are showing between 3 and 11 thousand ac . Just curious;)

  17. Is it possible there is more than one leaderboard? If I could attach screenshots I would show my #1 rank, and I have more coins ready to spend than the #2 spot. I also earn more per second than the #20 has earned lifetime. But maybe there is an alternate shard where somebody else has more…?

  18. Hi I need help. I have now reached all the stages
    1, I have gotten 12 number 50 planes and am now back up to 7 of them after trashing some
    2, I have gotten the top level on all my booster
    3, I still have 16t in the currency exchange but I have bought all the discount things, by the way are there more levels of buying to come.
    4, I don’t want to subscribe so how do i further this game without deleting the app and starting again

  19. Hi I need help. I have now reached all the stages
    1, I have gotten 12 number 50 planes and am now back up to 7 of them after trashing some and I also discovered that once you reach level 50 plane they will not merge together. I wish they would even if they don’t get a higher number
    2, I have gotten the top level on all my booster
    3, I still have 16t in the currency exchange but I have bought all the discount things, by the way are there more levels of buying to come.
    4, I don’t want to subscribe so how do i further this game without deleting the app and starting again

  20. Anyone else having trouble buying diamonds? Past 2 days I get “Network is not well. Please try again later” when I try to buy.

    Who makes this game? I can’t find a way to contact the developer.

  21. Not very helpful when trying to figure out how I can get higher leveled planes on my track as quickly as possible. I might be already at plane 17 (Cobra) but I would really like to go faster on getting better planes. It’s taken me 3 days to just get to 92.3% on getting plane 18. Is there a way I can get better planes much faster without spending money??


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