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Merge Dungeon Guide: Tips & Cheats To Survive the Dungeon

Merge Dungeon Guide: Tips & Cheats To Survive the Dungeon

Nanoo Company Inc’s sequel to their merging fantasy game Merge Star is finally here! Enter Merge Dungeon, a dark fantasy idle RPG with merging gameplay. Players will venture through dark dungeons featuring beautiful hand-drawn art and fight monstrosities of all kinds. Merge two pieces of gear together to form a stronger item, and create the ultimate party!

In Touch Tap Play’s Merge Dungeon tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of merging and how to outfit your party with good gear early on. Let’s get started with our Merge Dungeon cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to survive the dungeon!

The Basics of Survival

In Merge Dungeon, your objective is to reach the lowest floor of the dungeon and exterminate the root of all evil. You command a party of three heroes: the warrior, the hunter, and the sorceress.

Your party will advance and fight enemies on their own, although you can order them to use special abilities. These abilities can turn the tide of battle like the warrior’s Power Blow or the sorceress’ Heal spell, so do not forget about them.

But the core mechanic of the game is crafting your heroes’ equipment. Tap on the button at the bottom of the screen to craft a piece of new gear for your currently selected hero. This also earns them experience as well.

Tap on the item to see its stats, and if it is an improvement to both attack and defense, equip it. You can drag two items of the same type to merge them, creating a stronger item. Repeat this process to fully gear out your heroes.

This is the main gameplay loop of Merge Dungeon. Kill monsters, craft gear, merge gear to get better gear, and kill stronger monsters!

(This Merge Dungeon guide was first published on Touch Tap Play)

Taking Care of the Party

Your health and mana are displayed in the colorful orbs on the left and right sides of the screen. Keep an eye on your party’s health and make sure to heal up if they take too much damage.

Death is very painful in this game, as a team wipe will send your party back four floors, instantly negating a lot of progress. You are automatically healed between floors, but if the monsters are getting though be sure to use potions or the sorceress’ starting ability, the Heal spell to top off your team.

Your mana is used for crafting and using abilities. Every time you craft you expend 10 mana, and mana regenerates slowly. If you know you are heading into a boss battle, be careful not to go into the fight with no mana.

You have both health and mana potions to use in emergencies, so do not forget about them. Simply tap on the respective orb to use that type of potion. You can stock up on potions from the goblin merchants, so make sure you always have a few on hand.

Complete Quests

If you tap on the scroll with a blue background at the top left, you will see your current quest. These quests are randomized, but they encourage you to spread out your efforts to ensure your team stays balanced.

You see, every time you craft, that specific hero will earn experience points. Many of the quests you get will tell you to craft a specific hero’s gear so that they earn experience points. This will help you level up your party evenly.

If that is not incentive enough, completing each quest will net you some gold. You can use gold to buy basic gear and supplies from the goblin merchant, and you can also use it to expand your inventory.

Mastering Merging

Each hero has six slots for equipment: a main hand weapon, an offhand tool, headgear, body armor, a necklace, and a ring. Crafting will make the most basic item for the currently selected hero, which is their starting weapon.

Merging two weapons will create the hero’s basic offhand tool, and grant them some experience points. When you discover a new item for the first time, it is recorded in your equipment and items log (the book button at the bottom). You can collect free gems for every new item.

Items have rarities, and while the game is never states which rarities are better, we think it goes something like this, if you follow standard MMORPG rarity coloring:

  • Gray – normal
  • Blue – uncommon
  • Purple – rare
  • Orange – super rare
  • Yellow – epic

The rarer an item is, the greater chance it will have far better stats. However, it is never a guarantee – you may still come across lower rarity items that have better stats. To be safe, examine all of your gear to see if it truly is better.

When you merge items, there is a small chance that they will leave behind a star. If you happen to get another star, you can merge them for a chance at a high rarity item.

Recommended Craft Upgrades

The anvil and hammer button will take you to the Craft Upgrades section, where you can buy permanent upgrades for your party.

The first upgrade expands your inventory, allowing you to carry more gear. This is very helpful and it is the ONLY upgrade that can be bought with gold instead of gems.

All of the other upgrades require gems, so choose wisely. To start out, we highly recommend the “Craft Faster” and “Craft More” upgrades, as they increase your mana regeneration speed and max mana respectively.

These upgrades will help you a lot during the early game, as you will be able craft more often. The other upgrades focus on granting you small bonuses like getting two copies of a merged item, but the chance for these things to actually occur is so low that you are far better off focusing on mana regeneration.

That is not to say that these upgrades are not helpful, it is just that they are more helpful later on in the game when your party is sufficiently powered up. You can invest in them after you have progressed a bit.

Another helpful upgrade are the “Craft Level Up” upgrades. There is one for each hero, and this makes it so that when you craft an item for them, it makes the level 2 item instead of the starting item.

For example, instead of crafting an Abandoned Axe for the warrior, you will craft a Wooden Shield. This makes it much easier to reach stronger item tiers and discover new pieces of gear.

The final upgrades we can recommend are the “Auto Craft” and “Auto Merge” upgrades. These function exactly how you think they do, and they are great to slap on a hero and not have to worry about leveling them up and improving their gear.

Improving Hero Abilities

Each hero has active and passive abilities that grant them special powers. As heroes level up, they will unlock new abilities, and they can be upgraded provided you have the essence.

Each hero has their own respective essence, and you can get essence from the essence dungeon, accessed through the compass button.

You gain two attempts to challenge the daily dungeon. It takes an hour to regain another attempt, but you can only have up to two attempts max, so make sure to head into the essence dungeons every day.

The essence dungeon that is open depends on the day.

  • Sorceress: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Warrior: Monday, Thursday, Sunday
  • Hunter: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

The essence dungeon open on that daily will reward you with essence for that specific hero, so you will essentially only be able to power up heroes on their matching days.

Hero abilities are very strong and can easily turn the tide of battle, so improving them is the key to surviving long in the dungeon.

Enhancing Gear

As you slay monsters, sometimes you will find colored gems, which are different from the premium currency of the game.

These gems can be affixed to pieces of gear, but you must find a blacksmith first and ask him to enhance your gear. Blacksmiths are found randomly throughout the dungeon, so just keep fighting until you get to one.

Each hero will gain gems that match their color – the warrior will obtain red gems, the hunter gets green gems, and the sorceress gets blue gems. These gems boost strength, dexterity, and magic respectively.

Gems can be merged just like regular items can, which increase their stat boosting potency. It is probably not worth it to affix gems to common, low level equipment, so you do not have to worry about this until you get really good equipment. Then, you can start maximizing your stats by choosing the right gems.

That’s all for Merge Dungeon. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Merge Dungeon Guide: Tips & Cheats To Survive the Dungeon


    • At the top of a crafting area, you will se the hunter, warrior, or sorceress head. Click it, then use the essence to upgrade hero abilities. After floor 50, the same thing happens with dragon gems, but only with the dragon. The dragon’s gems can be collected in secret dungeons in nightmare difficulty
      Beat floor 50 to unlock nightmare dungeon
      No idea what the transdense essence does


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