It is the cutest merging game you have ever seen! Merge Dogs is a simple and adorable merging game where you merge dogs to create new breeds! There are all sorts of breeds here, from malteses to pugs – there is something for every dog lover! Our Merge Dogs cheats and tips will show you how to collect all the doggies!

Merge Dogs is a silly little game that does not require much attention, but there is still some work to put in before your dog race track gets populated! Let’s get started with our Merge Dogs cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Watch out for the lucky rabbit!

When you have the game open and you are idling, make sure that you glance down at it every now and then. Occasionally, you will see a glowing white rabbit appear somewhere on the track. This rabbit is incredibly fast, and it will lap the dogs you have running on the track.

However, if you manage to tap on it, you will earn some coins for your trouble! You can tap rapidly as much as you can, because the rabbit will only stay for a couple of seconds.

Buy lots of doggies early on!

You only start with four spots on the field when you first start out, and that is not nearly enough! Be sure to buy a bunch of dogs right away so that you can merge quicker and level up faster. The more your merge, the more experience points you gain, which means you unlock more field slots faster.

Always have maximum dogs on the track!

You can have any of your dogs running on the track at any time, but they will not be available for merging. Each breed generates a certain amount of coins every time they finish a lap, and the higher the breed the more coins they will get. As you level up, your maximum dog capacity will increase, enabling you to put more dogs on the track.

You should try to have as many dogs on the track as possible, even if you are actively merging. More dogs means more coins, and this is especially important to do if you have to step away from the game for a little while.

Buy different dogs after a while!

You will notice that every time you quick purchase a dog, the price of the dog goes up permanently. If you buy too many of the same dog, you will make that dog really expensive. It is a good idea to buy the other dogs as they become available, so that you do not spend too many coins on just one type of breed.

Use the boosts to speed up the process!

You can watch a short advertisement to make your dogs run the track twice as fast, effectively doubling your income for a short while. If you are really playing the game actively, it might be worth it to activate this boost. If you play this game mostly idling though, you probably do not need to do it.

That’s all for Merge Dogs! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. I have the max number of dogs running and all of my discretion are filled and none of them are doubles so I cannot merge any more. What do I do? I seem to be stuck with no moves left.

    • sell them, you won’t get full price for them but you get some coins. all you have to do is drag them to the bottom, and a glowing box will come up at the bottom

    • gary wow level 99. im struggling to get to the next level took me forever to get to level 20…. what am i needing to do to get to levels faster? thanks in advance


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