The nefarious Dr. Wily has invaded the realm of Dragalia Lost, and he has captured the five Greatwyrms! Prince Euden and his loyal followers are already on the case, but they are going to be joined by a certain blue robot!

Officially titled “Mega Man: Chaos Protocol,” the event will begin on November 28 and run until December 16. By simply logging into Dragalia Lost for the first time during this period, any player will earn Mega Man as a temporary ally.

As with the case with any Dragalia Lost event ally, you must max out Mega Man’s friendship meter to keep him as a permanent ally. You can do this by including him in your party line-up and taking him on quests.

The Prince will join forces with Mega Man to free the Greatwyrms from Dr. Wily’s grasp. Players will go on special Mega Man themed quests (complete with Mega Man music!) to free the Greatwyrms.

Mega Man has been faithfully recreated in Dragalia Lost! He can fire his signature Mega Buster, and his Force Strike is – you guessed it – a charged Mega Buster shot! You can even perform his sliding move by swiping on the screen.

Special Mega Man themed equipment will be available during the event as well, including Wyrmprints that feature the Robot Masters from the Mega Man games. You can also get the Mega Buster in the form of other weapons, so that anyone can wield the power of the Mega Buster!

Additional challenges will be added on December 1, so stay tuned for more!

Dragalia Lost is available now on iOS and Android as a free to play game.

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