Mega Drift Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Mega Drift is a new arcade-style racing game. You’re in charge of only one thing: handling the corners! Drift with speed and precision through many exotic locales, such as jungles, mines, and more! We’ll help you become a drift king or queen with our Mega Drift cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Anticipate the sparks!

The tutorial will teach you an easy way to time your drifts – just watch for the sparks that come off of your car’s muffler. You want to actively anticipate it, though. If you time your drifts when you see the sparks come up, your taps will almost always be late. Instead, try to time it so that you initiate your drift right when the sparks are going to pop up. You’ll know when you did it right when the camera zooms in for that stunt shot.

2. Be sure to follow through too!

When you’ll pulling out of your drift, wait until your car is almost straight with the road. Letting go too early will make your crooked, shutting you out of the speed boost. Letting go too late will smack you right into wall, damaging your car and taking off precious seconds! The more perfect drifts you can pull off, the higher your drift chain will be. Keeping up a good chain is key to getting good times!

3. Tilt to grab the coins!

Sometimes, there will be coins on the sides of the road. If you tilt your device, your car will lean in that direction, letting you grab the coins! More importantly, some of the levels will have obstacles and hazards on the road that you will need to watch out for! Falling into a hole will immediately end your run, so be careful!

4. Upgrade your car!

You can spend your coins on buying new cars or upgrading ones you already have. Buying new cars is pretty expensive, so you should upgrade the ones you’ve start with. They will help you with better drift boosts, faster top speeds, and better durability.

5. Complete the missions!

You can check your missions for each level by tapping the button next to the start button. Completing missions nets you valuable coins, so be sure to do them! This is probably the only way to get big amounts of coins.

Mega Drift is a relatively simple game, but there’s probably a lot more to discover! If you have any other tips or strategies to share, leave a comment below!

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Mega Drift Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


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