Maze of Magic Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Maze of Magic is a puzzle maze game where you must navigate a constantly shifting magical maze. An evil wizard controls the maze and the Golden Scrolls, and you must dive into the mazes to recover the scrolls. Maze of Magic is a challenging puzzle game, so we are here with our Maze of Magic cheats and tips to show you the way!

Maze of Magic, like anything involving mazes, relies a lot on memorization and adaptation. We will help you hone those skills in our Maze of Magic cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Move quickly through the maze!

Starting on level 5, the evil wizard will begin to actively interrupt your journeys through the mazes. A meter at the top left will show his magic charge progress. It fills up with time, and once it is charged and ready to go, the evil wizard will blast some tiles around you.

Be sure not to be standing on any red tiles, as they will disappear after a few seconds! If you are on one when it goes, you will lose a life!

Move quickly but safely!

Each level has three stars for you to collect. The amount of stars you get when you finish the level is determined by how long it takes you to finish the level and if you lose a life or not. Try to move as fast as you can and do not dwindle for too long – getting three stars on a level also rewards you with 2 gems to spend on new characters and spells.

Unlock some new characters!

Once you get enough gems, you can purchase new characters from the main menu. We are not entirely sure but it feels like the new characters move slightly faster than the Apprentice does.

It could be much more noticeable with the more expensive characters, but we are not too sure. If you do not really need the spells, then go ahead and unlock some new characters! But for those who do…

Spells can help you out on tough levels!

The spells are pretty helpful, and they should be used on particularly tough levels. Pathway will show you where the scroll or exit is, and Craft Stone can save your life if you get caught in a bad place.

Eagle Eye’s usefulness is questionable, however. First off, it costs a whopping 20 gems making it the most expensive spell on the market. Secondly, the maze is constantly changing because of the evil wizard, so its info becomes obsolete rather quickly.

Memorize the layout!

As you move through the maze, it is helpful to actively keep the general layout of the maze in your head.

Of course, pathways are going to get shifted around because of the evil wizard, but the general layout will remain largely unchanged, so it is still good to remember. It will help you return to the portal faster!

That’s all for Maze of Magic! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Maze of Magic Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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