The evil Count Mathula – get a load of that name – has stolen the book of Math and Sorcery! Journey across a mythical land while taming beasts with nothing but math skills to recover the legendary book in Math and Sorcery!

Math and Sorcery is structured like a typical puzzle game, but the puzzles are anything but ordinary! You will encounter imaginative and fearsome foes, but instead of relying on brute force, you will use your intellect to defeat these creatures!

When targeting an enemy, a math equation will show up on the screen and you will need to provide the correct answer. The faster you answer, the more damage you will deal! For the mathematical daredevils, you can make your attacks hit all enemies but in turn, this will make the equations much more difficult. Are you up to the challenge?

Your journey will take your across four different zones, each with its own unique look and theme. Math and Sorcery features classic pixel art that looks great and matches with the game’s tone.

And you won’t be alone on your adventure! You can recruit companions along the way to help you when the going gets tough. Each companion can grant a health boost, attack boost, and so forth.

Math and Sorcery is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store!


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