Matchington Mansion Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Get All Stars in the Game


Matchington Mansion is a brilliant new match three game that follows the same lines as the popular Homescapes. Basically, it’s an alternative to the aforementioned game and such a charming game too.

And we’re here to help with some Matchington Mansion cheats and tips to help you get all the stars in the game and unlock all furniture options.

Playing Matchington Mansion is also a good idea for when you run out of life in Homescapes, but you want to keep on playing something similar. The games are almost identical – which is both a good and a bad thing.

But for those who love playing match three games, it’s like a gift from heaven and I will always take it!

But enough with the praise for the game! Let’s focus on some strategy now and let’s check out below some Matchington Mansion cheats and tips in our complete guide.

Connect your game to Facebook
The easiest way to make 500 coins in the game is by connecting it to your Facebook account. You should do this ASAP to get all the easy money and enjoy an easier start in the game.

Try to save moves
Every move that you have left at the end of the level is turned into a special tile which explodes and, most importantly, rewards you with some coins, also offering the potential of some chain reactions that result in special tiles and more earnings for you.

Therefore, you should do your best to try and complete the game as fast as possible, leaving as many moves unused as possible in order to increase your earnings.

Match at the bottom
Matching at the bottom of the board is always a good idea – at least in most cases, when you don’t really have to focus on a specific area. The reason why this happens is that matching at the bottom can create all sorts of combos from incoming pieces, so you get a lot more items cleared on the board by using a minimal number of moves.

Always go for the special tiles
Just like in every match three game out there, the special tiles you create from matching 4 or 5 in a row, as well as squares or T shapes, are extremely powerful.

Matchington Mansion offers the regular bunch of special tiles – the ones that clear a row or column, the ones that create a small or larger explosion around them and those removing all the tiles of the same color.

You should always go for the special tiles first because they are more useful than anything else and you shouldn’t hurry to use them as soon as you have them unlocked, for two reasons:

1. You can combine them with other special tiles in order to get a super move that really cleans up the board for you. For example, combining a colored ball with any other special tile fills the board with that special tile. Now that’s a really useful combo!

2. The more special tiles you have when you complete the level, the higher your monetary gains will be. Therefore, it’s extremely useful if you can end each level with as many as possible left on the board in order to make more coins!

You can tap special tiles!
Unlike most of the match three games out there, Matchington Mansion allows you to tap the special tiles you create from matching 4 items of the same type (or creating shapes) and that is extremely useful in many situations.

You can still swipe them up or down or to the sides in order to activate them, having even more options when it comes to where you want to aim them. Take advantage of this great feature in order to easily reach hard to reach places or simply to make your life a lot easier!

Get new furniture & change it whenever you want
Visiting other peoples’ mansions is very lucrative because you will eventually start finding furniture pieces or decorations that you don’t have and you can collect for free. Look for exclamation marks in other players’ houses and you will collect their unique furniture bits.

Then, once home, you will be allowed to change furniture whenever you want to. There are two things you need in order to do that, though: first, you must have unlocked in the game that specific furniture or decoration and second, in some cases, you need coins in order to replace the one you have.

These would be our tips and tricks for fellow Matchington Mansion players. If you manage to find some actual cheats for the game, or if you have additional suggestions for fellow players, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below.

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Matchington Mansion Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Get All Stars in the Game


  1. When you look at all the players that are ‘friends’ there is a gift and a home icon beside their name. I know what the home button is for – but what does the gift do?

  2. Can anyone give me some advice on passing level 148, the theee books on the top and left corners are so hard to clear. How do I create the vertical aiming firecrackers to clear those books??? Anyone?? Thanks ……..

    A Gal named Cat~

  3. What do the footprints mean? I have a pair of footprints that have appeared in the menu screen with the word “new” on them, and the number 1 beside them. If I tap on them, nothing happens.

    • Mimi, this seems to show how many players have visited your mansion since the last time that you were on the friends page (as opposed to the total number of people who have visited, which is shown just next to it). Hope this helps!

  4. Loving the game but getting very frustrated with it constantly pausing out back to my home screen. Did it twice in a row just now and that looses the life each time. Infuriating. I just updated it yesterday. Any suggestions?

    • I had the same problem, click on the settings button on the top right of the screen, click on the change name button, it shows your user name. You can also change the names of your pets too.

  5. Can I pause and save unlimited time? I get one hour and can’t play it all at once. I just got 4 hours and don’t want to waste it. Thanks Christy

    • You have to clear the gems on top of them. Make sure you’re actually making matches on top of the envelopes though… I’ve caught myself wasting moves on gems that didn’t cover envelopes. Some areas require you to clear the gems on top of them more than once. Those areas are darker blue in color.

  6. I like this game a lot but its so flustrating in so many areas and what of simple minded people who wanna play but cant get pas some of those levels? they get so upset and quit even delete the game completely.

  7. I get so frustrated, it takes me 2 or 3 days to beat a level! I have been on level 160 for 2 days and can’t beat it. Any tips on how to beat the mice?

    • You have to clear the gems on top of them. Make sure you’re actually making matches on top of the envelopes though… I’ve caught myself wasting moves on gems that didn’t cover envelopes. Some areas require you to clear the gems on top of them more than once. Those areas are darker blue in color.

    • I’m on 1863. Never. I’m pretty sure that the ad for this game that you may have seen in another game isn’t for the correct game or it was for a different version of the game and the developers decided to go in a different direction. That’s all speculation though.

    • Do you have stars showing in a box at the top? Click on the icon on the bottom left and there should be tasks set to use these stars. If you don’t have stars or a house icon you might be in the wrong help page.

  8. Are you limited to the original three choices regarding furniture starting with the gallery? I’m on level 1863 and have finished the gallery, studio, and treehouse, but none of them seem to have new options for furniture when visiting other players :(

  9. Does anyone know if the special rooms that expire before you have finished collecting enough light bulbs to finish decorating them can ever be reopened?

    • You can still visit those rooms, but if you didn’t complete it in time I’m not sure you still can or if it remains unfinished forever. Click on the main game icon bottom left that looks a bit like a book, it’ll bring up 4 more icons, the last one that looks like a house wth a paint brush is how to access those rooms.

    • Yes, the rooms do open back up… however, I’m on level 762 and the room with the balcony on it, that I didn’t finish (it’s like a restaurant ). JUST now opened back up and I’m completing it now (hopefully). So it will be a long while before you get to see your rooms again…

  10. I’m so confused on how to clear the chandeliers on level 2274. Someone please help. I’m about done with this whole game. I’ve been on it 4 days and I’m playing A LOT. Two of those days were on the weekend.

    • Usually, the snow is kind of penned in by books or something and does not start to grow until you break the line surrounding it. So collect a lot of the directional firecrackers before you break through to the snow, then attack it with lines of firecracker destruction. Any explosion in an adjoining box will kill the snow there.

  11. Im on Level 163. I don’t know how to get red hearts. When the red hearts appear In the middle, I don’t know what I did to get them there, and then I don’t know how to get them out! Help me please

    • There are little things in the field of play that were not there on previous levels. Since I am not on 163, I can’t say just what they are. Sometimes baskets, harps, whatever. You have to make your three tile match adjoining the new item in order for that item to collect the tiles and change them into red hearts. Sometimes the new color tiles sit in the basket for a while before being spewed out. THEN you still have to smash the hearts in a 3 tile match, or with an explosion, or with the beach ball.

    • You have to smash the colored glass, the blue haze that covers them If the haze is dark blue, it changes to light blue with the first smash. Then smash it again to make it clear. Then you can get rid of the tile the third time you smash that spot! It makes you smash each location three times (or two if it is light blue.).

  12. I’m on level 394. When I look at the walkthroughs for this level, it looks like all the is required is to find 15 envelopes. When I look at my screen on the iPad, it wants envelopes and books. What’s up with that?

  13. Any hints on level 444? Can’t count the number of times I’ve tried. Usually have 1 bear and 1 chandelier left. Once got it to just a chandelier. Totally frustrated!

  14. Stuck on level 516. Any hints on how to get thru this. I light the candles as many times as possible in the main square. Don’t know what good the candles are under the books or how to light them. Anybody got a clue?

  15. What is with the game leaving me no tasks to do (therefore it will not let me play) while Jack is building something? It wants me to pay to help Jack finish, which I won’t do, so the game is frozen for 12 hours even though I have lives to play with.

  16. What is the point of the “Bonus”? I’ve had the gold bonus button for several weeks, and I can’t find that it does anything. You don’t get extra lives, you don’t get extra coins and it doesn’t raise you in number of wins (how you perform tasks). Also, it is very frustrating when you hav one or two moves left and you go to purchase more lives. It always kicks me completely out of the game then I have to start all over.

    • Try cutting them off of their path. Limiting their movement can help a lot. You generally want to use a bomb of some kind in combination to clear lines and groups of them, too.

  17. 160. How do I clear the cups to get to the mice? Running out of chances by the time I’ve worked over and gotten 1. Do I work at the bottom and over or top and over. Arrfggghhhh.

  18. Do any of u know how to pass level 48? I have tried so many times but can’t seem to pass it.
    It is the new updated version of matchington mansion and I am really stuck!


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