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Match 3 Warriors Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build a Strong Party

Match 3 Warriors Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build a Strong Party

As the new Warrior of Light, you must lead your people against the evil dragon! Match 3 Warriors is, as the name suggests, a match 3 puzzle game with a dash of RPG elements mixed in. Build a team of fantasy heroes, outfit them with the best gear, and go on dangerous adventures as you protect the kingdom from the forces of evil.

In Touch Tap Play’s Match 3 Warriors tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the combat system and how to get the most out of your warriors. Let’s get started with our Match 3 Warriors cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to build a strong party!

Create the Special Gems

Special gems are created whenever you match gems in a certain pattern or number. They are very helpful for attacking enemies that are off to the side and you cannot seem to get any matches on that side.

Matching four gems creates an energy block, which can be activated to make it explode in a plus formation. Think of them as mini bombs – they are useful for clearing out chunks of garbled gems that have no matches.

Matching five gems creates a lightning bolt that matches the gems used to create it. When activated lightning bolts will automatically destroy all gems of that color on the board, allowing you to unleash huge waves of attacks!

Special gems are your go-to attack for hard to reach enemies and large groups. Try to create them whenever you see the opportunity!

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Elemental Advantage

If you are having trouble with a particular level, it may help you to build your team around the elemental advantage.

Before you head into battle, you can see a full list of the enemies you will be going up against. Do not ignore this information – it is valuable and it can help you give you an idea on who to bring.

Say you are going up against a tough fire boss, so naturally you will want to bring lots of water heroes. When a unit is attacked with their elemental weakness, they will take much more damage than usual. Be careful – this goes for your units as well!

Generating Magic Points

During battles, when your heroes attack they will generate magic points which is needed to fuel their special skills. The more gems that are destroyed, the more magic power is generated.

The tutorial will also teach you that if a hero’s attack completely misses the enemy – that is, the knights that are sent forward do not reach anyone – they will generate extra energy to compensate.

This can be really useful for certain heroes, like Hippocrate and his group healing skill. Missing on purpose may actually be very helpful, so keep this in mind.

Summon New Heroes with Soul Stones

After you complete the tutorial, you will have a basic team with all five elements represented. Unfortunately, the heroes you have are all 1-star (save for the divine hero), which means they are pretty bad.

For the early stages of the game, get used to unlucky critical hits one-shotting your heroes. You can only level them up so much with the little gold you get during the beginning, but hang in there.

For the first few areas of the campaign, every time you clear a level for the first time you will earn a soul stone. Soul stones can be used to summon new heroes of varying rarities, and you should do this as soon as you get one.

Your starting heroes are just way too weak to use them reliably, and they will go down in one or two hits easily. It is not worth the gold and hero experience to power them up, as you they will be quickly outclassed by any potential 2-star heroes you may receive when you summon.

Get All Three Stars

Each level has three stars for you to collect. The criteria for getting stars is quite simple: beating the level will earn you a star, but if one of your heroes is knocked out, you lose star.

This means that if any of your heroes goes down, you will not be getting all three stars. Why are they stars important, you ask? Well each area has three bonus star chests that you can only open if – you guessed it – have enough stars.

The star chests contain gems and gold inside of them. You need all the gems you can get to perform the better summons, and you need a lot of gold early on to power up your main team sufficiently. These chests will be your main source of gold, so do not skimp on them!

If you are having trouble keeping your heroes alive, just level them up. If you do not have enough gold or essence, replay older levels that you clear easily…

Mop Up for Easy Farming

… which brings us to the mop up mechanic! Any level that you clear with three stars can be “mopped up,” which is basically instantly clearing the level for easy farming.

The way it works is that you set the amount of energy and sweep tickets you want to spend, which is equal to the amount of times the level is “cleared”. You will get rewards equal to the amount of times you ran through the level.

Use this to your advantage when you have a lot of energy in reserve and some sweep tickets on hand!

Keep Going on Quests

Once you reach the middle of area 3, you will unlock the quest board. Here random quests are posted, and they require you to add specific heroes, like one fire hero and one water hero, for dispatch.

Once you dispatch your heroes, you must wait for them to return, which can take up to several hours. When they come back, the quest is completed and you will earn the rewards listed on the posting.

The quest board is a great way to earn gold, essence, and arcane ore. It should be noted that even if a hero is currently dispatched on a quest, you can still use them for the regular battles. Do not be afraid to use your entire roster for quests!

Fight in the Arena for Awesome Gear

After unlocking the quest board, you will also unlock the arena shortly after. The arena is where you can challenge other players’ teams for fame and glory.

It costs 20 gold to search for an opponent and 20 more if you want to find a different one. Most players have their teams maxed out, so make sure that your heroes are prepared!

If you win a match in the arena, you will earn special honor tokens that can be spent on chests that contain high rarity gear inside. If you are looking to get powerful gear, the arena is your place.

It should also be noted that you consume energy from a separate energy pool when you fight in the arena, so do not worry about having to choose from doing the normal campaign levels or fighting in the arena.

Ascending Heroes

Even if you have a solid line up of heroes, you should continue to use soul stones to summon. You will get good equipment and also you may receive a duplicate of a hero you already own.

If this happens, you can have the hero undergo ascension. You need two copies of the hero you want to ascend, then simply visit the Glory Sanctuary.

When a hero ascends, their maximum level cap and rarity increase, making them much stronger and opening room for a lot of potential.

Final Tips

  • You can brute force your way through a lot of levels if you have the raw power, but if that is not working make sure to level up your heroes, fill out all of their gear slots, and try to build for elemental advantage.
  • You can use arcane ore to upgrade gear instead of sacrificing other pieces of gear. This is helpful early on when you do not really have a lot of gear to go around.
  • Stay active on the quest board for easy gold, essence, an arcane ore.
  • Fight in the arena but only if you feel confident in your team. There is no problem with waiting until you are stronger.
  • Do not worry about getting all three stars on a level your first time through. It is much easier to come back later once your team is sufficiently stronger.

That’s all for Match 3 Warriors! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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