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Master of Knights Tier List

Master of Knights Tier List
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Yes, you are a master of powerful Knights, and they’re looking up to you to lead them in the final fight against the hordes of evil that are usurping the Heavens. Not all Knights are created equal, though. Only the best should be in your team as you send more and more challenging enemies into oblivion.

Master of Knights, an anime-inspired strategy RPG game for mobile devices, features more than 50 Knights that you can recruit for your team via the gacha system. If you’re just starting the game and don’t feel so sure about which heroes to invest your precious resources in, this Master of Knights tier list will help you understand which ones are the best of the best!

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Master of Knights tier list

Master of Knights
Image by NEOWIZ

All Master of Knights heroes are divided into five classes: Warrior, Berserker, Thief, Archer, and Wizard. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, and we won’t be comparing heroes based on what class they belong to.

Our tier list is based on the general usability of each hero, their damage, and, in the end, some personal preference as well. You should be aware that each tier list is rather subjective, so our ranking may differ from your experience in the game. However, we would love to hear about which Knights have been crucial for your progress in the game, so make sure to share your opinions in the comments below!

Without further ado, here’s how we ranked all currently available Knights in the game from the strongest to the weakest:

Tier Heroes
S Esperanza, Lancelot, Merlin, Mikoto, Ophelia
A Alice, Amdusias, Artemis, Astaroth, Bartholomew, Claudia, Dryas, Freyja, Hotaru, Ifrit, Lilith, Limnoria, Merrow, Raphael, Sonia, Valkyrie, Verdandi, Vivian
B Aegis, Baldur, Brunhild, Bunny Alonso, Eblis, Hildegard, Lachesis, Lily, Lucifer, Nocturne, Ravel, Sia, Sinmara, Suzaku, Tesla, Theia, Titania, Vritra
C Achilles, Bellatrix, Crocell, Grendel, Guinevere, Haures, Leraje, Natasha, Neil, Vesta
D Gawain, Herman, Percival, Siena, Sylph

The best hero in Master of Knights

The title of the very best hero in Master of Knights will probably go to a different Knight depending on who you ask. You may prefer Warriors or Archers, depending on how you approach the game, and the truth is that you can’t rely on only one hero to beat the source of all evil—you need a balanced team where everybody’s strong.

Merlin in Master of Knights
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

Still, if we had to pick one hero that rises above everybody else, it would have to be Merlin. This Wizard is amazing not only because he can predict the future but also because of his amazing base stats (54 ATK and 131 HP). However, he truly shines on the battlefield thanks to his Shackle of the Lake skill. In turn battles, he heals the ally with the most damage for 200% of Merlin’s ATK and inflicts a Shackle debuff on three random enemies for one turn. And if you continue to upgrade him, you will have a real powerhouse on your hands!

Merlin, as a Legendary hero, is a bit difficult to pull via the game’s gacha system, but not impossible. If you see this cute face after the summon, go celebrate a bit, because it is your lucky day indeed!

That concludes our tier list of all available Master of Knights heroes. For more assistance with this game, check out the rest of our Master of Knights dedicated section!

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Master of Knights Tier List