The popular Puzzle Quest series has been going strong for over six years now and soon it will be adding a super-powered new entry to its lineup with Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign.

As the game’s title implies, Marvel Puzzle Quest will take the familiar puzzle quest gameplay formula and inject it with a healthy dose of Marvel super heroes and villains. Judging from the game’s cover image, players will be able take control of their favorite Marvel characters such as Wolverine, Spider-Man, Thor, Venom, and Doctor Doom as they battle it out in a turn-based strategy format.


Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign was officially revealed this morning thanks to a tweet sent out by Marvel Digital Media’s Ryan Penagos. Speculation on the game’s “Dark Reign” moniker is leading many fans to believe it will be set in a specific post-Secret Invasion arc in which Marvel’s villains managed to finally overpower their heroic adversaries and take charge.

No word yet on how much Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign will cost or if it will offer extra characters and other goodies as in-app purchases (my money’s on “yes”) but fortunately we won’t have to wait long since it’s currently set to be released tomorrow, October 3rd.



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