Marvel Future Revolution is a mobile game that takes place in the Marvel universe. Captain Marvel is one of the most popular and iconic female superheroes in this universe. Many players would like to get this all-mighty character into their collection and try her in combat. The game has a lot of different opportunities for your heroes’ customization and upgrade. This guide will tell you about the best skills, costumes, specializations, cores, and more for Captain Marvel in Marvel Future Revolution

Captain Marvel Skills in Marvel Future Revolution

Captain Marvel in Marvel Future Revolution is a strong character that deals massive AOE damage and she is one of the best damage dealers in the game. The full list of his best skills is next:

  • Mighty Flight Sonic Boom – Enforcing Charge
  • Energy Impact Downward Strike – Cosmic Recharge
  • Photon Flight Further – Hero’s Entrance
  • Photon Energy Explosion – Photon Absorption
  • Photon Blast Beam – Photon Focus

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Captain Marvel Best Costume in Marvel Future Revolution

Costumes in Marvel Future Revolution affect your heroes’ stats and choosing a character’s outfit is important to maximize her strength. The best set pieces for Captain Marvel belong to Midgardia, Xnadearth, and Carol Corps sets.

Captain Marvel Best Specializations, Cards, and Badges in Marvel Future Revolution

The best Specializations for Captain Marvel are:

  • Energy Conversation
  • Energy Enhancement
  • Battle Awakening
  • Superhuman Endurance

The best Omega Cards are including Midgardia four-set, Xandearh four-set, and Darkzone three-set.

The best Badges for Captain Marver are:

  • Universal Domination M.O.D.O.K. (Dark Zone)
  • Lord of the Desert Maestro (Dark Zone)
  • Growing Pain Yellow Jacked (Dark Zone)

This is everything you should know about Captain Marvel in Marvel Future Revolution. Go and destroy your opponents!

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