Mario Party Superstars: How to Save

Mario Party Super Stars

For the longest time, the Mario Party games never allowed players to save their progress on a board, forcing them to play an entire game on any board in one sitting. Thankfully, Nintendo finally understood that players do not all have all the time in the world, and implemented a saving feature in the series latest entry Mario Party Superstars.

Here’s how to save in the game and how to load your created save file.

How to Save in Mario Party Superstars

How to save your progress in Mario Party Superstars is not explained outright, so some players may miss the option altogether.

While playing on any board, you can find at the beginning of each round a notification on the bottom of the screen that will inform you that your game has been saved. At this point, you are free to quit the board by opening the menu and picking the Return to the Village Square or Go to Mt. Minigames options. Or you can just close the game altogether. Please note that the game saves only at the start of each round, so anything done after the start of the round will not be saved if you quit.

If you want to continue playing from where you left off, the only thing you have to do is select Mario Party mode again. Once this is done, a Koopa Troopa will remind you that you have progress data for a game begun earlier. Here, you can choose to continue from where you left off or start over from the beginning.

The new saving options in Mario Party Superstars are extremely welcome, so make sure to take advantage of it as much as possible to enjoy every board at your pace!

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Mario Party Superstars: How to Save


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