Mario Party Superstars – Horror Land Board Guide

Mario Party Super Stars

Mario Party Superstars features a nice selection of boards taken from past entries in the series that are all incredibly fun to play thanks to the different gimmicks featured in them.

While enjoying these boards without knowing much about them is entirely possible, you may have some troubles winning if you do not how their gimmick works. So, knowing everything there is to know about them is extremely important to win games.

Here’s all you need to know about the Horror Land board.

Horror Land Board in Mario Party Superstars

The Horror Land board originally appeared in Mario Party 2, where it was one of the most difficult boards in the entire game. The same holds true in Mario Party Superstars, as it is a 5-star board with plenty of challenging features.

The Horror Land board is governed by a unique day and night cycle that determines which mechanics are currently active. There are different ways to switch the time of day: during the day, you need to pay coins to the Mystery Mansion, while at night, you will need to pay the Boo at the center of the board. The time of day also changes instantly by landing on an Event Space or naturally every two rounds.

Boos are also heavily featured on this board. King Boo, who can be found in the top right section of the board, is only available at night and can only be reached with a Skeleton Key. He will steal all coins from opponents for 15 coins and all Stars for 150 coins. Plenty of regular Boos are also available at both night and day, although the day one requires a Skeleton Key.

The day and night cycle also influences how the Thwoomps block your way. At night, they will always stay in place, no matter what, but you can make them move by paying coins.

With all these gimmicks, and the Star appearing in multiple places on the board, it can take some time to get used to the Horror Land board and win games. Be patient, use the Boos and the day and night cycle to your advantage, and you will soon dominate your opponents!

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Mario Party Superstars – Horror Land Board Guide


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