Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour’s launch was somewhat shaky, but Nintendo turned things around by introducing new content every few weeks as well as tweaks and new gameplay features. The real-time multiplayer mode is still nowhere to be found, but it will not take much longer for all players to finally get a taste of it.

Nintendo confirmed a few hours ago that a second Mario Kart Tour multiplayer beta testing will be held in the near future.

Unlike the one held a few weeks ago, this one will be open to all players, hinting at the fact that the developer is ready to see how the game will handle a huge amount of players in the multiplayer mode.

The current Mario Kart Tour tour is the Ice Tour. The new tour introduced some new tracks as well as two new characters and more.

Mario Kart Tour comes with a subscription service in the form of the Gold Pass. The Pass unlocks additional bonuses in tours and it unlocks the game’s highest racing class. Due to its steep price, however, only those who play the game daily will find the subscription worth it.

Mario Kart Tour is now available on iOS and Android worldwide. The next multiplayer beta testing date has yet to be confirmed.


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