Mario Kart Tour has only been released recently, but it’s already receiving very good post-launch support with new content. Recently, Nintendo announced a brand new event called Tokyo Tour, and a few hours ago the Japanese company confirmed that a new character will be part of the event, teasing a new track as well.

According to the Mario Kart Tour official Twitter profile, Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy will be part of the Tokyo Tour. The character is shown in a brand new track that’s not currently available in the game. The track seems to be a rendition of the Rainbow Road from the original Super Mario Kart, and the accompanying text leaves little doubt.

Mario Kart Tour has been released as a free to play title, but some features are currently locked behind a paywall. The game features a subscription service through the Golden Pass, which grants increased in-game rewards as well as access to the 200cc races.

At the time, there’s no way to unlock 200cc races without subscribing, which doesn’t sound good at all, considering the price of the subscription, which is higher than the price of the Switch Online service subscription, just to make a Nintendo related comparison. The game is still in its early days, however, so things will surely be tweaked down the line.

Mario Kart Tour is now available on iOS and Android worldwide.


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