Don’t lose your marbles at the races! MarbleTrax is an idle racing game where you watch a bunch of multicolored marbles race to the finish. Will your marble be first? Ensure that it gets there with the help of special abilities that can turn the odds in your favor! Our MarbleTrax cheats and tips will show you how to get the most out of your abilities and to earn a lot of cash!

MarbleTrax is equal parts good timing and luck, so do not fret too much if you do not get first. You get to go again right away anyways! Either way, we are here with our MarbleTrax cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to show you the way!

Increase your race earnings!

At the top right, you will see a button that lets you buy cash multipliers. This multiplier will apply to EVERY race after you buy it, so as you can probably tell this multiplier is the key to making the big bucks.

With just four upgrades, you will put your cash multiplier at +400%, which is a significant increase to say the least. Be sure to invest some cash into the race earnings multiplier early on to get the most out of it!

Use the Dash to get through!

The Dash ability is your most basic ability that gives your marble a short little boost. It may not seem like much, but when used properly it can really boost you ahead. If your marble falls into an awkward spot and loses most of its momentum, a quick Dash can get it right back on track. Or, if you are on a course that has ramps, you can potentially skip some chunks of the course if you Dash at the right time to soar over everything.

Use Slime at chokepoints!

Almost every course has some point in the map where all of the marbles have to funnel into a tight corridor. These spots are the perfect opportunity to drop a slime block, which will slow any marbles that enter it to a crawl.

Just be sure that you are moving fast enough, otherwise you will be caught in the tail end of it as well. This is even better if you can manage to catch the majority of marbles in the slime block!

Fever and Freeze are game winners!

The last two abilities, Fever and Freeze, are so powerful they are almost guaranteed to win you the race if you use them at the right time. The problem is that these abilities have very long cooldowns so you can only use them once every three races or so. Use them wisely!

Fever dramatically improves your marble’s movement for a couple of seconds, giving your marble the “oomph” it needs to traverse a tricky section, like one where you have to get through a lot of resistant obstacles.

Freeze will completely freeze all other marbles for a short period of time, letting you pull ahead with relative ease. Upgrading these abilities will increase the time they stay active.

 Get extra marbles!

You can buy additional marbles using the button at the bottom left. This will make it so that you start every race with more marbles. This may not seem like much at first, but it is useful once you realize that this will increase your odds of winning.

If one of your marbles gets stuck early on but another one makes it, the game will automatically move control over to the marble who is the furthest ahead. This is invaluable on courses that involve parts where you can get caught in a loop!

That’s all for MarbleTrax! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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