The Terraformer Production Manifest is one of the critical items you need to complete the Crop Production contract in the Marauders Terraformer map. But since there is no quest marker leading to it and the maze-like map, players find it hard to locate the Terraformer Production Manifest. In the wake of that, we are here with this handy guide that shares the exact location where you can find the Terraformer Production Manifest in Marauders. 

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Where to Find the Terraformer Production Manifest In Marauders

In Marauders, you will find the Terraformer Production Manifest in one of the offices in the Terraformer A area, just beyond the Research A gate. You can follow the below instructions to reach the said area to find the Terraformer Production Manifest.

  • Take the stairs to reach the lower floor. On the left, you will find a door that says Airlock. 
  • Go through it, and interact with the console to open the Airlock door. 
  • Go straight and then take a right. Keep heading right till you reach the big doorway that says Terraformer B. Before passing through the door; you will find a small door to the right. Take it. 
  • Once again, stick to the right until you leave the room. And then, take the left path till you reach Research A. Beyond it, you will find the office where the Terraformer Production Manifest is located. 
  • The Manifest is on a table. 

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If you are still confused about the Terraformer Production Manifest’s location, check out this short video guide. 

Once you manage to find the Terraformer Production Manifest, examine it to complete the contract to receive the following rewards:

  • 250 XP 
  • 50 Faction Standing
  • $7,500
  • A Thompson, .45 ACP

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That is it. That concludes our guide on where to find the Terraformer Production Manifest in Marauders. 

Marauder is a multiplayer looter shooter game available early in access via Steam on the PC platform. 

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Marauders: Where to Find the Terraformer Production Manifest


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