Manipulate Time in Puzzle Adventure The Gardens Between


Arina and Frendt are two inseparable friends. They have grown as childhood friends into best buds, and every new day holds new adventures. But one day, they find themselves in the middle of mysterious dreamlike world. To find their way back home, they must travel through The Gardens Between.

In this 3D puzzle adventure, players will take control of Arina and Frendt as the navigate the surreal world of garden islands. In this world, cause and effect are malleable, and time flows in any and all directions.

To reach the center of each isle, the duo must manipulate the flow of time to solve mind-bending puzzles. Each island is themed differently, and has unique puzzles to match. Only through some out-of-the-box thinking will you be able to make it through the gardens.

And throughout all of this, you will see snippets of important moments and objects from Arina and Frendt’s friendship. You will see the two’s bond grow right before you eyes, and peek into the past and future. The memories they shared have built the gardens, and now it is time to face them.

The Gardens Between is a dreamy coming-of-age tale and should experienced by those looking for a wonderfully engaging narrative. The game’s iOS port will release on the App Store on May 17, 2019 for 4.99 USD.

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Manipulate Time in Puzzle Adventure The Gardens Between


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