Magnum Quest Best Team Guide: Tips and Cheats


Magnum Quest is a fun IDLE-RPG inspired by D&D. In the game you will summon different heroes from different factions to create a unique team. But you will also have to create different tactics to complete different stages, so in this guide, we will tell you how to assemble the best team.

Best Team Guide

Even though this is an IDLE game, building the right team is extremely important. There are 6 factions in the game that work according to the rock-paper-scissors scheme:

  • Fortress – Wild – Forest – Shadow – Wild

Each faction deals more damage to the next in the list, except for Abyss and Divinity which have increased damage against each other.

In addition, having in the team a certain number of heroes of one faction, you can get additional bonuses. Your team will receive an increase of 15% to attack and health if it contains two heroes of one faction and three heroes of another faction. A small increase to health in the amount of 20% and 15% to attack you will receive with four heroes of the same faction.

But a team consisting of all five heroes of the same faction will receive an increase of 25% to attack and health. By the way, the heroes of the Abyss and Divinity factions are universal – they can replace any other hero. For example, if you have four Wild heroes and one Abyss, then you will receive a 25% bonus as if all five were Wild.

Using these bonuses, you can create several teams for different purposes. Because using one team, you definitely cannot be equally effective in dungeons, campaigns, and boss battles. Also, do not forget to combine the skills of the heroes so that they complement each other.

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Magnum Quest Best Team Guide: Tips and Cheats


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