Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena has become an incredibly popular release on PC, and 2021 will mark the year the game will release on iOS and Android, allowing players to bring their favorite game with them all the time without actually having to bring their decks and everything needed to play the game with them.

While the full release has yet to be dated, if you own an Android device, you can start playing the game right now, as Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile has soft-launched on the Google Play Store. As it is an early access title, you should expect some issues and here and there which will surely be ironed out in the final release.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile plays pretty much like the real Magic: The Gathering, being its digital adaptation, so if you like playing the game, you will find yourself right at home in the digital version. The game has a very simple premise, but the huge variety of cards and decks that can be put together makes it an extremely deep experience.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile is now available on the Google Play Store as an early access title. The game will launch on iOS on a yet to be confirmed 2021 release date.


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