Mad Skills Motocross 2 Cheats & Tips (Mad Skills MX 2 Cheats)


We’ve been waiting for a while for Mad Skills Motocross 2 to launch and that happy day is finally here. With improved graphics and mechanics and extremely challenging levels, this is one game you’ll get to love.

However, you can never be too good, so we’ve decided to create this Mad Skills Motocross 2 cheats article where we’ll share some tips and tricks to improve your game. So let’s check out below the Mad Skills Motocross 2 cheats! (Game is also known as Mad Skills MX 2 – it’s the same title).

Do without further ado, here are the tips and tricks we have to share for this great iOS racing game:

Master the wheelie
The back wheel is your friend. Master the wheelie and you will complete each race, beat the ace time and beat your opponents. It’s easier said than done since landing on your back wheel or perfectly starting a jump are difficult things to master, but once you do it, you will do great.

Master the landing
Knowing to perform the wheelie and landing on your back wheel won’t be enough, unfortunately, you need to adapt and master the landing based on the obstacles ahead.

Lean forward when you need to catch speed or when you need to balance your bike. A solid landing is just as important as a good launch on a jump, so master them too.

You can never go too fast
You will easily remain behind in Mad Skills Motocoross 2, especially in the latter stages where the bikes of your opponents always seem to be more powerful than yours. This means that you should seize any moment to get some extra speed.

Failed a jump? Failed a landing? You might as well hit the restart button because you’ve got no chance left!

Ignore the tricks
There are very few races where you actually need to perform a trick (like a backflip) in order to progress. I know, they look good and they make you feel macho, but it’s difficult enough already to control your bike without going heads down.

Don’t do what your opponent does
When I first got stuck, at the final Braap challenge in Swap City (God, I still hate that huge cliff!) I tried to see what the opponent does, copy that and go on with the game. It was a bad idea as I was never able to do exactly what he did.

Eventually, I managed to beat the level concentrating on my own driving and completely ignoring my opponent. Plus, they always seem to be prone to land on their backs every now and then.

Get the rockets
Yeah, it doesn’t seem fair to recommend you spend money on in-game boosts, but if you really can’t get past a level, try to invest some in the rockets. They really help, but don’t guarantee you win the game so make sure you use them when you have to and how you have to.

Upgrade the bike
Actually, get a better bike. I wasn’t able to beat Swap City until I got the new bike. I had to skip that challenge, go for the other two, win them and return to beat Swap City too. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to win a new bike since it will allow you to get better results in previous races.

Practice, practice, practice
Mad Skills Motocross 2 is like real lie racing: You won’ be great at it at first, but the more time you spend trying to control that bike, learning the tracks and how to handle the bike, the better you get. So don’t give up too fast, you will make it, eventually!

And these would be our Mad Skills Motocross 2 tips & tricks. Do you have other strategies? Share them with us by commenting below.

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Mad Skills Motocross 2 Cheats & Tips (Mad Skills MX 2 Cheats)


  1. To get the level 6 bike it says compete in a 1000 leader board challenges. You don’t have to win or even finish the race, just start a race and press the gas then restart, gas and restart. Just do it 1000 times and you got it.

  2. I fail to see any cheats in this article like the heading says. You might want to rename it to…this game sucks and I don’t know what cheat means.

    • This game is the best real life motocross game they got just because there isn’t a cheat to guide you through the whole game doesn’t mean you should bash it!!!! Practice and maybe you’ll win. MAybe not.

  3. Heres a cheat. Want more rockets For free? Terminate the game and set your iOS device clock forward by a day or even back. Restart the game and u just earned another rocket for free.
    I only realised this after I got bike 5 or 6.

  4. Does having the red bull helmet make the bike faster? I have bike 7 & gold frame. I win lots of races l, but my best times are usually 4-6 seconds slower than top 100. What’s the trick to lower times?

  5. I’ve finished a jam race like 12 days in a row now and it still won’t let me unlock bike 5!! I’m getting really frustrated. I’ve even tried moving my clock forward 3 times in a row and doing a jam race each time. Each time getting the daily rocket too but still won’t give it to me! Any suggestions?

  6. What’s the deal w/the “ALL STAR LEVELS”? I know a lot of ppl have two numbers and only if there past level 40.. what does it mean and is it important???? It’s driving me crazy!!!!

  7. Is there a way to get your virses level higher with out waiting for other ppl to race. I need to reach level 55 to unlock bike 8 but it seems such a long way off as I’m only on level 33

  8. Get unlimited rockets for free by simply changing the date on your phone, win brapp without using a rocket (simple) then win your daily rocket. I won 225 rockets in about 2 hours without spending a cent!!:)

    • I thought the same thing but its not too hard just practice and whenever you can do a backflip do it even if you just miss keep trying it and on the final jump do a double bacflip

  9. How can i get the 5 consecutive back flips trophy (what track do i use) I’ve tried it on bittner landing and did the flips but the landing explodes the bike. What track can i use to get the 10 second wheelie

  10. Listen I have bike 10 and I’m on level 70 74 but I haven’t got anything but if u need bikes fast just save rockets and do versus everyday and friend me for more wins I let people win sometimes friend me I will give u wins and move levels fast I’m a good player and in braaap I’m first place in Victoria
    And my friends

  11. To get bike 5 the cheat worked for me. Go in to career,then time attack,then novice,then brass,tap on country,then tap play for any leader and you will have bike 5.

    How do you get bike 6 ?????


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