Lumia Saga Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Building Your Hero

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Welcome to Lumia Saga, an all new fantasy anime MMORPG featuring just the cutest heroes! A huge open world is waiting for you to explore, so choose your class, hone your abilities, and get ready to fight through a beautiful world!

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Lumia Saga has a lot of character customization options as to be expected from an MMORPG, so in our Lumia Saga tips and tricks guide we will focus on strengthening your hero so that they are ready for the hard content. Let’s get started with our Lumia Saga cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to building your hero!

The basics of Magic Cores!

Magic Cores are what power your equipment in Lumia Saga. You get them from following the main story quests, and the game even has a brief tutorial to show you how they work. Since they are the basis of your power, you should know all of the in’s and out’s of them.

As you know, you can equip up to three cores in one category of gear. You will often earn a bunch of cores by just playing through the game naturally, so you may be wondering which core you should choose over the others.

Well, just take a look at the stat break down! Each core has three different factors to them: basic attributes, random attributes, and special effects.

Basic attributes are stat boosts that will ALWAYS be on that type of core. For example, the Gurgle Weapon cores always have ATK + as their basic attribute. You cannot change this attribute through any means, though this attribute is boosted with higher rarity versions of the same core.

Random attributes are self-explanatory! These stats boosts are chosen at random and they can be transferred between cores using the refine option. With some careful managing, you can get the random attributes that you actually want as long as you have the stats sitting on other cores.

The special effect is actually a skill that you can use in battle. Once again using the Gurgle weapons as an example, they have the “Strong Light” skill that deals area damage. Like the basic attribute, higher rarity versions of the same core will have better versions of special effect skills.

Item rarity goes like this: white, green, blue, purple, then finally orange. First off, use your highest rarity cores, then use refining to get the random stats that you want on them. Then, you are good to go!

Refine, scrap, and enhance!

As we mentioned, you can transfer some stats over to cores you actually use through the refine feature. This allows you to pull random stats off of one core and put it onto another core, with a small silver fee.

Once you have pulled all of the stats you want, you can go ahead and decompose a core you do not need anymore. Decomposing cores gives you a bit of silver and clears up some inventory space, so go ahead and do it whenever you need to.

After you have your cores figured out, do not forget to enhance your sets. Enhancement is a way of powering up your gear slot – not the actual core – to boost your stats even further. You can power up your weapon slot, your garb slot, and so forth, which grants a passive boost to any cores you equip.

To do this you need Good Enhancement Stones and a bit of silver, things you will naturally accumulate as you play through the main quest line. Make sure to enhance your slots and you will get a good stat boost on top of your powerful cores.

Use talent points to specialize your hero!

At level 30, you can undertake the quest that lets you use talent points. Talents are special buffs that usually increase the efficiency of a single skill. Each class has a total of 15 talents to choose from, but you must make a decision…

Each talent tier – every 5 levels after hitting level 30 – lets you choose one talent out of a selection of three. You may only choose ONE talent per tier, not all three, so you have to decide what you want your character to specialize in.

For example, the Oracle (healer) can choose to strengthen their regular heals, try to get lucky with increased crit heals, or even sacrifice some healing for more damage. Do not worry if you do not like your current build, as you can reset your talents to change into something more suitable. When you are still low level, the resets will be free but eventually they will require some silver.

So, go ahead an experiment with your class and see what fits your playstyle the best. Feel free to mess around since the talent resets are free!

Power up your skills!

Once you hit a high enough level, you can upgrade your skills. Skills are everything in this game, because what good is your stats with no skills to take advantage of them? Level up your skills as soon as you are able to, as they usually only require a small silver fee to do so.

Some skills are locked initially, and they require you to upgrade your class to gain access to them. To do this, you need to reach a certain level, clear a specific heroic dungeon, and then get your power rating up. Once you meet all these conditions, you are eligible for a class upgrade.

You gain a stat boost when you upgrade your class, and you are also able to further enhance your skills. Once you hit the level requirement, we recommend clearing the necessary dungeon to upgrade your class.

Use gems to further enhance your base stats!

At level 34, you will unlock the ability to inlay gems into your gear. As you can probably guess, gems work exactly like they do in other MMORPGS – they grant small boosts to your base stats, like defense, magic defense, attack, and so forth.

The boost that gems provide is not as significant as finding a new core or enhancing your equipment slots, but it is still useful and you should have all of your gear slots gemmed when possible.

Do not neglect your secondary class!

Also at level 30, you unlock the “class transfer” feature, which is just a different way of saying a secondary class. When you complete the related story quest (you will get it automatically upon hitting level 30), you will be able to unlock a second class for your hero.

Your secondary class is the real deal and is not weakened in any way. The class you get is predetermined, but it is usually a way to offset your weaknesses. For example, the support-focused Oracle gets access to the Scholar class, which lets them focus on pure damage.

You want to be flexible with your classes, so be sure not to neglect your second class! You have to upgrade your skills and assign your talent points just like your main class. You also need to switch gems if those apply to you.

Level up your adventurer’s skills!

Be sure to fill out your manual as you encounter new monsters, areas, cores, and life items. When you see a red dot on the manual, that means you have an unclaimed object that can be recorded.

Every time you mark a new monster or item in the manual, you will gain warrior badges – they look like red shards. You can spend these in the adventurer’s skills ability chart, which enhance your base stats even further on top of all the other stuff.

Attack, HP, physical defense, and magical defense can all be upgraded a large amount of times, provided you have the warrior badges. Auxiliary stats like hit rating, crit rate, resilience, and so forth can only be upgraded a few times, but they have bigger effects.

The best part of the manual is that it tells you EXACTLY where to find everything in it, and in most cases you can just tap on the “source” button to teleport directly to the monster in question. With items and exploration, you have to go there yourself, but it still tells you the area you need to be in.

The manual’s adventure skills can enhance your hero even further, so be sure to make some time to fill it out!

That’s all for Lumia Saga! If you have any other tips on upgrading your hero, let us know in the comments below!

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Lumia Saga Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Building Your Hero

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