Love Live! School Idol Festival is a really nice rhythm game that’s now available on the App Store. If you’re having trouble with the game, you have come to the right place as this Love Live! School Idol Festival Cheats: Tips and Tricks guide will be giving you some nice help for putting together a band and become as successful as possible. In the game, of course.

In Love Live! School Idol Festival you will have to put a band together and play songs as nicely as possible. The basic gameplay experience is not so different from many other rhythm games on the market, but Love Live! School Idol Festival adds a bit of character to the whole experience thanks to its plot and character development. It definitely fresh, since it’s easier to care for the Love Live! School Idol Festival characters rather than some nameless band members without personalities.

  • Characters

Each character in Love Live! School Idol Festival has different stats – pure, cool and smile. Each song of the game will sport the three types so characters with the same type will earn bonus points during the match. Switching characters during the song to match the attribute will help make you earn as many points as possible.

  • Rhythm and Visuals

Love Live! School Idol Festival is made so that the game’s visuals actually help with keeping the song going. However it’s always best to rely more on the song than the actual visuals, as it’s easier to miss if you’re just focusing on the circle. The first songs of the game are easy enough to let players understand how the game is played so make sure to replay them as needed to get as good as possible in the game.

  • Practice Mode

Practice Mode is probably one of the best features of Love Live! School Idol Festival. This mode will allow you to improve your band members as well as merge the same members together, receiving a stat boost and changing the appearance of said character. The merging will also make that character become stronger more quickly, as the character will revert back to level one while keeping all the stats.



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