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Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build Lincoln’s Treehouse

Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build Lincoln’s Treehouse

It’s time to build the Ultimate Treehouse for your favorite Loud House characters! The new mobile game has just been released on iOS and Android and I am here to share with you some Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse tips and cheats in our complete strategy guide.

You’ll learn how to micromanage all the rooms in the treehouse, how to make more coins and keep everybody happy by unlocking all items in the game. It won’t be easy, but it will sure be fun, especially if you’re a fan of the animated series.

So, without further ado, here are our Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse tips and tricks to help you get started on the right foot.

Increase inventory space
One of the first things that you should focus on early on (and constantly afterwards) is increasing your inventory space.

You start with 25 slots in your inventory, which seems enough initially, but will prove to be way too little very soon. Fortunately, you can upgrade the inventory space of your backpack by collecting the required number of items from furniture objects you can purchase in the game.

And this is really doable – relatively fast, but it needs a bit of planning. So make sure to tap your Backpack regularly and then select “Inventory” and finally check out the requirements for the next upgrade. Get the required items and constantly upgrade to hold more and be able to make more money.

Sell your items for extra money
If the inventory is getting full or you need some extra money for one of the really expensive items in the game, you can directly sell some of the things you have collected by tapping Items – Sell.

The nice thing is that you’re also shown the total amount of things that you own, and therefore you can select to sell just a part of them and keep some in case they’re required for a quest or something. And no, you definitely don’t need 20 remotes in your inventory at all times, so feel free to unload them for some cash!

Always work on completing the quests
The quests take you through the various chapters available in Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse and they also help you unlock new goodies in the game, like new characters, items and allow you to level up faster.

Therefore, you should always be working on completing the quests and requests from your characters before doing anything else.

Always have all characters do something
However, not all characters will have something for you to do. These characters should, then, be sent to perform an action that results in you getting more money.

Simply tap the character that isn’t involved in the main story at the moment and see what actions they can perform. They usually have more to choose from, with different rewards and more or less time required to complete the task. Usually, the tasks that take the least to complete give you the most revenue per hour, but they also require you to be constantly in the game to collect the rewards.

So make sure that you always choose the most profitable task for your characters, based on the time you can spend in the game or how often you can check back to collect the rewards.

You don’t have to buy themed rooms all the time
The themed rooms for your Ultimate Treehouse on mobile are very expensive (like the kitchen and TV room). But the truth is that you don’t really need more than the default number of these rooms!

Instead, you should always purchase the regular rooms: mini, small, medium or large and know that the sizes only influence the amount of objects that you can fit inside and nothing more. There are no restrictions of items that you can only place in a specific room, so always choose the most profitable route when buying new rooms.

Buy furniture objects that give you items
Most of the furniture items available in the game are decor only. However, some of them allow your characters to interact with them and/or produce items of their own. These items can be collected and sold for money.

Therefore, it makes sense to only buy furniture items that produce something – at least at first, until you have a nice cash flow in your house. You can also purchase more than one of each furniture item, so if you want to be the ultimate remote control maker, simply fill up that treehouse with couches!

Log in often, collect often
This is that sort of a game where progress is relatively slow and you don’t have to play long rounds after logging in. Instead, it’s best to log in often in order to collect the rewards and launch new orders for brand new rewards.

So remember that the more often you can log in to the game, the better. Once every couple of hours throughout the day should be more than enough, especially after unlocking most of the longer actions.

This would be all that we have to share in terms of Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse tips and tricks. If you have additional advice for fellow players or found something worth trying, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse Tips: Cheats & Guide to Build Lincoln’s Treehouse



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