Loud House: Outta Control Guide: Tips & Tricks To Getting High Scores

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If there is one thing the Loud House is good at it, it is being, well, LOUD! And things are about to get outta control in Loud House: Outta Control, a new Apple Arcade game based on the Nickelodeon hit. Lincoln and his ten sisters are scrounging around for their belongings, and it is up to you to make sure that they do not crash into each other!

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In our Loud House: Outta Control tips and tricks guide, we will help you become the ultimate wrangler as you draw lines like a traffic controller pro. It is all about timing and reflexes here, and we will help you hone those skills in our Loud House: Outta control tips and tricks strategy guide to getting high scores!

Leading the Loud Family

In Loud House: Outta Control, your goal is to lead the sisters (and sometimes Lincoln!) to their prized possessions. To do this, tap on the sister and drag them to form a dashed line. The sister will then walk in that direction. You can draw a line from them to their item and they will begin to go towards it.

Each sister has a different item they want, and it can be confusing as to what item belongs to which sister. To help you out, everything is color coded! When an item spawns into the room, it will have a colored exclamation mark over it, and that mark corresponds to the sister.

Each sister has their own color, and you can usually tell what it is by simply looking at the sister and the ring below them. For example, Leni’s color is teal to match the color of her dress, and Luna’s color is purple to match her whole outfit. You will get the hang of the colors over time, so do not sweat it if you do not remember them all right away!

If you need to stop a sister at any point, simply tap on them and their current path will be deleted. However, this will cause them to start wandering around on their own again so be careful about when you do this.

Avoiding Collisions

Things can get out of control very quickly as the game will speed up how many characters come into the room over time. The better you are doing, the more difficult the game becomes, so get ready for a challenge!

If you let any two characters collide, you will be treated to a funny little interaction, but then the game will be over. All it takes is just one collision for you to fail the level, so you need to be on high alert to ensure that no collisions happen.

When a character comes onto screen initially, they will wander aimlessly until they are given a path by you. Be careful about this, as characters without paths tender to wander close together, and eventually they will butt heads – literally!

When two characters are within dangerous proximity of each other, they will start to flash and a sound will play alerting you to their impending collision. As soon as a character comes into the scene, give them a path so that you have control over them.

If you get into the habit of giving everyone a path, you can ensure that no two characters will come too close to each other. Of course, the game will try to trip you up by introducing the FIGHT CLOUD!

After a certain amount of time has passed, a fight cloud will spawn in somewhere. This moving cloud will travel through the entire field or room, and any character unlucky enough to be caught in its path will be swallowed up and carried off-screen. This does not net you a game over right away, but it will make you lose out on points and probably break your combo.

Building Combos and Scoring Big

Every time you successfully lead a sister to her item, you will earn points and your combo multiplier will go up by one, making the next successful reunion worth even more points. You can keep this up to build a big combo and earn a ton of points!

The thing is though, you have to be quick. Your combo does not last forever, but leading a character successfully will refresh its duration. When your combo multiplier is about to reset, it will start flashing. Try to make a reunion right away otherwise you will lose your multiplier!

Another thing that you should keep an eye out for are bonus pickups. They are shiny, glowing cardboard boxes with unknown items inside. Who knows what is in them? Who cares – these things are worth 5x the normal amount of points that a regular objective nets you, so these things can give you a ton of points if you grab them!

Bonus pickups spawn in every now and then, and they should be collected as soon as you see them. They do not hang around forever and will eventually despawn, so you have to be quick about grabbing them. You can use any character you like to grab one, just be mindful of collisions.

Completing Challenges for Collectibles

Each level has five challenges for you to complete. The first two challenges involve score – the first one you will probably complete on your own, and the second one requires a slightly higher score. As long as you do decently, you should be able to knock these two challenges out.

The third challenge is to build your combo multiplier high enough to a certain number. Again, as long as you are doing relatively well, you should have no problem completing this challenge.

The fourth challenge is to grab a certain amount of bonus pickups. This one is a little tricky due to how quickly the bonus pickups despawn, so you have to be on your toes to complete this one.

The final challenge is ensure that no character gets swept up into a fight cloud. This challenge is easy enough as long as you paying attention to your routing.

The first two challenges are worth bronze trophies. The third and fourth challenges are worth silver trophies. The final challenge is worth golden trophies. Each trophy unlocks a new collectible item that you can view in the attic.

These collectibles do not do anything, they are just for fun, and the cooler collectibles are locked away behind the golden trophy challenges, so be prepared for a challenge if you are going for all of the collectibles!

More Tricks to Help you Avoid Collisions

During the last 30 seconds of a level, all characters will speed up. This can create some intense scenarios, so we have a few more tips for you to take advantage of.

First off, if too many characters come on screen and you need to take a breather, have them all run around in circles. Characters do not have a time limit, so they can take as long as you need to get them to their items. A good trick to do is to simply spin the character around in a circle multiple times. They will stay in one area (relatively) and it will buy you some time.

Another thing to keep in mind are persistent items. Most of the time, when an item spawns it will spawn in a random place. However, there are a few levels that have one persistent item, meaning it will always be in the same place even if a character has gotten to it. You can plan your route around these items!

Also, there are certain levels where all characters will have the same target item. The first instance of this is the level where everyone has to wash the dishes. When a character gets to the dishes, they will take a few seconds to wash. During this time, a circle will form around them, and other characters cannot get too close.

The trick to these levels is to buy time for yourself and keep the characters busy by spinning them around in circles. You can also have them walk back and forth if that is easier. Point is, you can make time for yourself if you need to!

And that is all for our guide on Loud House: Outta Control! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Loud House: Outta Control Guide: Tips & Tricks To Getting High Scores

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