For many evil-aligned Rise to War players, Lurtz is probably the very first tier 2 commander that they get. While most commanders require a fairly lucky roll in the game’s gacha system, Lurtz is available guaranteed for only a couple dollars.

Longtime Lord of the Rings fans probably remember Lurtz as the film-exclusive Uruk-hai that killed Boromir. True to the films, Rise to War’s adaptation of Lurtz pumps out brutal ranged damage with a bow. That said, there are a couple of ways to build him.

Physical Commander Damage Lurtz

This build emphasizes what Lurtz does best: making your enemies look like pincushions with a hail of arrows. The most impactful skills to give him are from his third title, Uruk-hai First-born. The title itself gives him an extremely heavy physical hit on three separate targets with a two round cooldown.

The other skills associated with that title are Rush and Raid. The key thing about these is that they’re used on the first round of a battle instead of starting the battle on cooldown. This gives Lurtz tremendous upfront damage and helps mitigate losses a little by culling the enemy’s numbers before they really have a chance to do anything.

After that, go for his Pursuer title and its sub-skills, Deepen Wounds and Overwhelm. Pursuer is a straightforward damage boost that activates whenever you’re attacking while the other skills offer even more physical damage, albeit not on the first round.

Uruk-Hai Army Buffing Lurtz

The rest of Lurtz’s titles mainly revolve around buffing Uruk-hai allies in his army. Uruk-hai Elite actually gives Lurtz a hefty bonus to might and speed, but its sub-skills buff ally damage at the expense of more damage taken and give Uruk-hai units a chance to heal when dealing damage.

His fifth title, The White Hand, explicitly gives Uruk-hai units a ramping physical damage bonus that increases as the fight goes on. Its sub-skills give Uruk-hai stun immunity and reduced damage taken along with a generic fire damage attack for Lurtz himself.

It’s arguably best to start with his fifth title if you have it unlocked, as it will ultimately amount to a stronger buff for your army. That said, this build isn’t really recommended. Lurtz has a pitiful focus stat, so his healing and fire damage aren’t going to be impressive. Berserkers also already have stun immunity and the army support role is simply handled much better by other commanders.

So How Do I Build Lurtz?

It’s best to build Lurtz for physical damage by taking his Uruk-hai First-born and Pursuer titles along with their sub-skills. It’s possible to run an army buffing variation for Uruk-hai forces, but Lurtz really doesn’t excel in this role.

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