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Lost Island: Blast Adventure Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Lost Island: Blast Adventure Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Welcome to your own island full of ancient relics! Lost Island: Blast Adventure is a building/match-3 puzzle game. As the new owner of an abandoned island, it’s up to you and your research companion Ellie to restore the island.

However, this is no ordinary island – super natural surprises await around every corner! Our Lost Island: Blast Adventure cheats and tips will show you how to master the match-3 part of the game!

Lost Island: Blast Adventure is all about the match-3 part, because you cannot build anything until you pass the puzzle parts. So, let’s get to puzzling with our Lost Island: Blast Adventure cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Conserve your moves!

You have a limited amount of moves for each level, so make them count! Do not just match every thing you see willy nilly – try to plan your moves ahead so that you get the most out of your moves. If you see two same colored blocks next to each other, resist the temptation to match them. Try to only match things in big clumps!

Also, each move you have left over once you clear a level will be converted into bombs and fireworks, earning you bonus coins at the end. The more moves you have leftover the more bonus coins you will get!

Create the special pieces!

Matching five or more blocks of the same color will result in a firework! Fireworks, depending on how they formed, will be facing either horizontally or vertically. Tapping them will launch them in that direction, instantly matching all of the blocks in that column or row.

If you want to switch the direction a firework is facing, simply make a match and they will rotate. Fireworks are incredibly helpful when you are doing the idol or pineapple levels, so try to make them as often as you can!

Matching eight or more blocks will result in a bomb! Bombs are pretty straightforward – tap them and they will explode, instantly matching all nearby blocks. Just like fireworks, these can be really handy when you are on the special objective levels.

Charge up the Rainbow Pearl!

At the bottom left corner of the screen sits the Rainbow Pearl. Whenever you set off a firework or bomb, all of the blocks that are caught in the explosion will charge up the Rainbow Pearl meter.

When it is full, the Rainbow Pearl will appear in the place where you made your last move. You can match the Rainbow Pearl with any adjacent block to immediately wipe the board of that corresponding color.

As you can probably guess, the Rainbow Pearl is invaluable when it comes to the levels where you need to clear a certain amount of specific colored blocks. This is why it is so important to make the special pieces often, as you will get a Rainbow Pearl to help you out.

Take some boosters with you!

If you are having trouble with a certain level, why not take some boosters with you into the level? They can make all the difference, and you can always buy more with coins if you run out.

As long as you are doing well with conserving your moves, you should have a steady supply of coins. Do not hesitate if a level is too hard!

That’s all for Lost Island: Blast Adventure! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Lost Island: Blast Adventure Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. I am stuck on level 513, played at least 40x and I just don’t understand how it is even possible. You cant bring any special tool with you…no bomb, no rainbow pearl, or even no 3 space firework.

    • You have rainbow gems at the bottom, on lock 2 of them that are side by side. Click on one and swap it with the other. Then it will unlock the others and swap those together.

    • This is exactly where I am at as well. I hit the 2 rainbow pearls at the bottom to start the game- which is weird, but I do not understand how to get the colored shells destroyed with so few moves. Boosters don’t work.

    I have recently started playing this game generally love it. However now at level 133 on puzzle blast and Don’t understand how to collect the statue. I thought the bombs blasted next to statue collects it , which on 1/2 occasions it has. But then other occasions I used this move it did not deduct the statue collected.please if anyone can help I would be grateful.

  3. You have to work the statues one on each side, if you notice at the top and bottom it has transports. The very first row bottom is where you have to get the one statue. The very last row bottom is where you have to get the other. This time they don’t blow up.

  4. Does anyone know if the cheat codes actually work? That site where you have to download some VPN and run it? I know I’m sorry yes I want to cheat cause I have a baby and I can’t afford sitting around all day waiting for lives to rebuild causes sometimes I have baby brain and can’t figure out a board! Ugh

  5. I’m at 1022 and have completed the temple and James went nuts and disappeared down a well with green eyes but I can’t go any further, very frustrating

  6. The gold round pieces that if you make a match next to for extra moves doesn’t work. I watch the # of my moves left, match next to my extra move piece and my # of moves do not increase. Why??? Thx ahead of time.

  7. I had an update on my game this morning, now it won’t open! It leads to 100% & that is it… we are in the middle of a major blizzard & would really like to play to keep busy!

  8. How do you get rid of the gold totem heads? I’ve gotten rid of them before but I think it was by accident…lol. I’m on level 156 and have tried everything!! There’s only one to get rid of but I can’t figure it out

  9. I’m stuck and can’t tell what level I’m on!!! I’m in the 1100s I think but I’m at 1000s for sure. I can’t go any further but to keep gaining stars and the legendary arena… anyone know when I’ll get past that to use my stars again!? Or what I have to do?
    Thanks in advance-HARDCOREPLAYER

  10. I’m on level 1760 and the game has ended; I can still play but I’m waiting for Atlantis to be complete in order to move on I guess; I’m not really sure I just keep playing and collecting stars hoping I can use them someday!

  11. Is there a way to know how the orbs move (660ish level)?
    I know they have 2 be destroyed by being blown up but is there any way to know which direction they are going to moving or a way I can get them closer together or lined up to use an explosive on a group of tgem at once??

  12. I have got to the new area where Ellie has disappeared into the cave and have opened the chest and haven’t been able to get any further what do I need to do

  13. I am at level 668 and have tried everything to get rid of the diamonds and nothing workS! PLUS I hit the tokens for extra moves – but don’t receive the moves! WTH! AND I have written twice about my problems with no response! Not happy


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