Just short of the game’s two-year anniversary, Pokémon Go is finally receiving a new update complete with features that were begged for since the game’s launch. That’s right: soon trainers will be able to trade Pokémon with other trainers!

Later this week, the update will start rolling out to trainers across the world. First off, the Friends List will allow you to add your friends and check out their progress. After the update rolls out, each trainer will be assigned a trainer code – you’ll need to exchange this code with the people you want to be friends with.

The Friends List will let you keep track of what Pokémon your friends catch, and on what days. Also, whenever you spin a Photo Disc from now on, you may receive a special Gift package. You can’t open these gifts yourself, but you can send them to your friends on the Friend List!

These gifts will have a stash of helpful items, including berries, pokéballs, and other goodies. There’s even a cute little postcard that shows where you got the gift! Also, there’s a chance that the gift will contain a special egg that houses an Alolan form of a Kanto region Pokémon!

Now, for the biggest update: trading! When you’re at least trainer level 10 and you’re nearby a friend, you can trade Pokémon you’ve caught. Trainers will receive bonus candy for the Pokémon they trade away, and the bonus will increase if the Pokémon were caught far apart from each other. You’ll need to pay a stardust fee for the trade though, so keep that in mind.

Whenever you interact with a friend – whether through gym/raid battles or gifting – your friendship level with them will increase. Higher friendship levels have several benefits, like reduced stardust trading fees, and gym/raid battle buffs. You can level up your friendship level once a day per friend, so gather your friends!


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