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Live or Die Survival Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Live or Die Survival Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Another viral outbreak, another day. Live or Die Survival is a new zombie survival game where the apocalypse has left the world in ruins. You may be the only key to solving the mystery behind the outbreak, so you must scavenge, craft, and fight to survive. Our Live or Die Survival tips and tricks will give you some pointers or surviving the harsh wilderness.

Live or Die Survival is all about being prepared – just like any other zombie apocalypse. Let’s get started with our Live or Die Survival cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the Daily Tasks!

Every day, you will be assigned a list of daily tasks. These tasks will require you to do things like collect specific resources, find certain items, or exchange things to the scavenger.

Completing one of these tasks will reward you with 5 coins, the premium currency of the game. Completing all of these tasks nets you with a grand total of 15 coins, and you can purchase some helpful stuff from the shops.

Bring the basic tools with you!

No matter where you’re heading out to, you should always bring basic tools with you, like Stone Pickaxes and Stone Axes. These will allow you to collect stone and wood out in the wilderness, and you ALWAYS need these resources no matter how much you have saved up. You can burn through these resources very quickly, so make sure you’re always collecting more.

Sneak up on enemies for double damage!

You can crouch by tapping the little person icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Crouching allows you sneak around, getting around without alerting nearby enemies. If you sneak up behind a monster and attack them, your strike will be counted as a surprise attack and it’ll do double damage!

Try to get into the habit of doing this, as it will save your weapon and armor durability in the long run by shortening your encounters.

Be on the lookout for random events!

Every time you exit out to the world map, there is a chance a random event will occur somewhere on the map. These random events include car crashes, plane wrecks, gunfire, and other occurrences. Travel to these sites to investigate – there’s a good chance that you’ll find better than average gear and resources!

Just keep in mind that these events don’t stick around forever. You can see how much time they have left before they expire below their icon on the world map.

Also, these event locations are one-time visits so once you leave from them, you cannot reenter. Make sure to empty out your inventory so that you have enough space for new loot!

Always have a full set of armor!

This seems like a no-brainer but there will be times where you might be tempted to run around without a full set of gear on. Unless you really can’t make anything, you should always have full gear.

Defense points in this game go a long way, and since you might run into other players, it’s imperative you are prepared!

That’s all for Live or Die Survival. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Live or Die Survival Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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