One of the critically acclaimed titles of the year 2020, Little Nightmares 2 is a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game where players take control of a boy called Mono, who is trapped in a world with distorted reality caused by an evil transmission. With the mission of stopping the transmission, Mono comes across many characters that play a major role in shaping out the world of Little Nightmares 2. In this article, we will share the list of all the major characters that players come across while playing the game.

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List of All the Major Characters in Little Nightmares 2

Here is the complete list of all major characters that players will come across during their mission to stop the transmission that is causing the Nightmare. Thanks to the Little Nightmares 2 community who contributed on the fandom page to bring this list.

  • Mono – the protagonist of the game. His mission is to journey to the Signal Tower and stop its transmission.
  • Six – the deuteragonist and Mono’s partner. She is a child who managed to escape the Nest and the Maw.
  • Nome – skittish creatures who were once human children. One of them can be seen wandering in the Hunter’s house.
  • The Hunter – lives in the Wilderness outside of the Pale City. He has an obsession with taxidermy and hunts with a double-barrel shotgun whilst using a flashlight to spot his prey.
  • The Teacher – a sadistic woman who teaches classes in the School. She has the ability to extend her neck to great lengths, allowing her greater reach in finding and catching intruders.
  • The Bullies – “students” of the School. They are living porcelain dolls that serve as the Teacher’s underlings.
  • The Patients – amalgamations of corpses and mannequin parts created by the Doctor in the Hospital. They will ambush and pursue intruders in the dark, but will freeze if light is directed towards them.
  • The Living Hands – severed organic hands from the Patients of the Hospital. They crawl like spiders to attack intruders.
  • The Doctor – a bloated monster who crawls on the ceilings. He’s the one behind all of the nightmarish experiments in the Hospital.
  • The Viewers – the citizens of the Pale City. They’ve been brainwashed by televisions and have their faces distorted. They will act hostile against Mono and appear to often attack in groups.
  • The Thin Man – the main antagonist of the game. He’s the one behind the transmission and the distortion of the Pale City, and possibly the entire Little Nightmares universe.
  • The Flesh Walls – lumps of flesh and eyes that are hidden behind the walls of the Signal Tower. They briefly pursuit Mono and Six after he rescue her.
  • Shadow Six – a character which appears briefly in the secret ending of the game. It appears as a Glitching Remain resembling Six.

Little Nightmares 2 is currently available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia, and PC.

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