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Having just released last week, Lineage2M is now available to players in North America and Western Europe to experience its signature classes, epic quests, and jaw-dropping visuals on Android, iOS, or PC via PURPLE.

And just in case you’ve been wondering, yes – Lineage2M is cross-platform, allowing players to join in from various devices and partake in this otherworldly adventure through the world of Aden.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some key tips to help both beginners and returning players have an easier time managing their resources and understanding how to make their characters stronger.

Pick the right class for your play style

Right off the bat, you’ll want to pick a class that will fit your playstyle. There are 6 classes available to play, and depending on the weapon they wield, you can play with either a Sword, Dual Blades, Dagger, Bow, Staff or Orb.

The melee classes are the ones that use a Sword, Dual Blades and Dagger, and they make the most out of the STR stats. They rely on Physical Damage, and they are tankier than the ranged classes by default.

Classes that use INT are the one who wield the Staff or Orb, and they are ranged. These classes are not very tanky, so you always need to mind your positioning around the map. Last but not least, there is the Bow user that relies on DEX. So, make sure you pick a class that will match the way you like to play. That’ll benefit not only in terms of gameplay, but also add to the fun factor.

Adjust your combat settings

Since the game is cross-platform, you can expect seasoned MMORPG players who will play Lineage2M from PC through PURPLE to be very precise in their skill casting and movements. If you play from mobile, you need to adjust your settings to make the game and your character a lot easier to control.

Use the Scan Function

The Scan function will help you pick the desired target easier, so make sure to tweak the settings in order to have them target the enemies you want first. Try playing with this function while grinding mobs to learn how it works and avoid any unwanted surprises in PvP.

Place your most used skills in the Quick Slot

The Quick Slot will come in handy quite a bit, since you can place whatever you like in it and your character will automatically use it. You can place common items like potions or a desired skill there, so make sure you enable this and try out various items placed in here, depending on your needs.

Don’t go over the weight limit

Since there is a Weight Limit system in Lineage2M, you should always be wary of your possessions and equipment. Don’t carry around items that you don’t need right away, since they will not only take up inventory slots, but also affect your character in a drastic way – if you are over the weight limit, your character will no longer be able to recover HP and MP. That’s critical in both PvE and PvP, so don’t neglect this aspect.

What you can do instead, is store away any items you don’t need immediately in your Stash. The alternative would be to register any items into the Codex, for additional stats – this is a one-time thing only, so it’s worth it if you have multiple copies of one item.

Do the Oracle Quest

One of the fastest ways of leveling up in Lineage2M is to complete the Oracle Quest. This is a repeatable quest that resets each time you level up. You can also complete this up to a maximum of 10 times a day, and the experience gained from it is outstanding.

You can claim this quest from the Einhasad Statue, and it’s going to be one of the daily tasks that you will contribute towards every single day, if you want to quickly level up.

Dungeons are great for items and EXP

Just like in most MMORPGs, challenging dungeons is key to progressing. There is a limited number of how many dungeons you can do per day, and it’s recommended that you do them as often as you can, and use up all your available entries.

From the dungeons you can obtain great items and EXP, and as you progress, you will unlock new dungeons with better equipment and more EXP. You can also use the Bonus Time Stone to replenish the amount of entries you have for a dungeon. This is yet another great way to quickly level up.

Take part in the Demonic Sword Zariche event

The event called Demonic Sword Zariche occurs randomly in the hunting zones in the game. A system message will inform players of the location of Zariche once it spawns, and it’s a sort of event with monsters that players can challenge. Some of the rewards from Zariche include Oracle Tokens, Zariche’s Fragments and Shilen’s Marks.

Don’t forget about the Special Launch Events

With the global release of Lineage2M, there are a number of exclusive in-game events. By challenging the Full Moon Wolf, players can acquire Maximum Enchant Scroll Series, and players who have reached level 40 and completed 3rd class transfer will automatically receive the exclusive Life Stone and also a Unique Skillbook Selection Chest. So, make your way into the game and forge your way to power in Lineage2M! For more on the launch events and how to play, visit official website.

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Lineage2M Beginner’s Guide


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