Lineage2M: 4 reasons to play this highly anticipated MMORPG

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NCSOFT’s highly anticipated Lineage2M is finally launching on December 2nd, bringing fast-paced action and stunning visuals to players the world over. Whether you’re a loyal fan of the franchise or a newbie just getting your feet wet, here are just a few reasons why you should play this gorgeous MMORPG.

High-end graphics that are total eye candy

Lineage2M boasts high-quality 3D graphics with 4K resolution. Battles feel as epic as they are due in part to the exhilarating visuals that up the ante with every combat move. The open-world environment is vast, breathtaking, and features seamless loading for the best MMORPG experience on mobile – moving from one town to another feels natural and uninterrupted.

The game also allows a whopping 10,000 players to converge in an epic battle in one location without delay or lag – a true testament to the game’s capabilities on the back end.

Engaging combat and an exciting new world

Tons of treasures await players as they explore the vast world of Aden, with secrets scattered across the land just waiting to be discovered. With an impressive size of 240 million square meters, the world map alone offers players a limitless exploration experience with beautiful graphics in every corner of the map.

Players can embark on a journey of exploration as they scour the far reaches of Aden. You’ll begin your quest in Gludio, then make your way to the agricultural zone of Dion and the port city of Giran. All villages and fields have unique traits and bosses, and are created in meticulous detail, making each journey as exciting as the last.

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An easy progression system

The perceived barrier to entry may stem from the common misconception that Lineage2M is pretty hardcore. On the contrary, the game features an easy character progression system that’s very F2P-friendly. The Daily Benefit system, in particular, lets players earn basic goods for quick leveling every day. Players can also check their mail for various prizes, as well as take advantage of the pass system for more in-game goodies.

Fun multi-platform mayhem

The proprietary service called PURPLE lets players continue their game from PC to mobile without having to log in or out, as well as experience the stunning 4K resolution for PC via PURPLE. The in-game chat function PURPLE talk, in addition, adds a high-quality voice chat to the game for a seamless social experience.

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Lineage2M will be available to download two days before launch on November 30th. For now, pre-registrations are still open on the Google Play Store and on the iOS App Store, so be sure to sign up for a Soulshot Chests (500) reward upon launch.

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Lineage2M: 4 reasons to play this highly anticipated MMORPG


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