Limited Time June Events Starting Today in Pokémon Masters


Welcome back Trainers! We hope you have been enjoying Pokémon Masters this past year. It is almost time for the game’s first anniversary in a few months, and the Pokémon company has plenty of fun events planned for the summer!

To kick things off, there is a new event featuring Dawn, the well-known Trainer from the Sinnoh region. Her partner Pokémon is Turtwig, the little grass-type Pokémon. Her story event, “The Star of the Contest,” will follow her adventures as she journeys through the island of Pasio for the first time! This event will be avaible until June 10.

And of course, Dawn and Turtwig are now the featured in the sync pair Spotlight Scout, so be sure to try your hand at scouting them for your team! The pair focuses on strong attack and ally recovery, with “Good as New!” restoring ally HP, and “New Dawn Wood Hammer,” a powerful attack that increases in potency depending on how much their attack has been increased. Dawn and Turtwig are available for scouting until June 10.

In addition to Dawn and Turtwig, the Johto Gym Leader Jasmine has arrived along with her signature Steelix. This pair focuses on withstanding tough attacks with high endurance! This limited time Spotlight Scout is available until June 4.

Starting May 31 lasting all the way until June 20, the Special Rally provides all Trainers with a list of limited time missions to complete. There are plenty of fun rewards on the table, like gems, co-op sync orbs, and more, plus finishing all missions will net Trainers rare 5-star power ups!

To top off the start of summer, a special login bonus has started. Log in today all the way up to June 10 to earn a whopping 1,400 gems!

Pokémon Masters is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Limited Time June Events Starting Today in Pokémon Masters


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