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Lily City Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build a Better City

In today’s article we are going to check out all of the Lily City tips and cheats that we know of to help you build e better and more prosperous city.

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Lily City is a truly beautiful and relaxing game which is all about building, decorating and beautifying the surroundings. There are no other puzzles required to progress through, it’s all just a matter of farming the resources and putting them to good use! So if you like building games as much as I do, then you came to the right place to learn all about this beautiful game!

So without further ado, let’s dive into the Lily City tips and tricks to teach you everything that you need to know about the game.

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Start following the quests

In the bottom left corner of the screen you will have a notepad where you will be given various tasks, that reward you with EXP and Gold, and sometimes other goods such as Energy. You can see the rewards you can receive from a task once you tap on that notepad icon, and in the upper side of the window that appears you will see for certain tasks the rewards (under “Will get:”).

If you are looking for a particular reward, then you should put a higher priority in completing the tasks that give you that reward. Otherwise, just check them all out and start completing the tasks as they come.

I would suggest that you try to complete as many as you can, because the rewards you get from them are worth it and the tasks pretty much guide you step by step through everything that you need to do in the game.

Build many farms and keep them busy

The farms will let you produce various crops, from Cantaloupe to Pumpkins, Corn and many more – they will all be required towards completing some goals, so I really suggest that you create as many farms as you can, because they will allow for more crops to be planted.

I suggest that you keep all the farms somewhat grouped, and not spread all across the city, because that way you will be able to attend to all of them, without missing any. Make sure that you always have something planted, because the better the crops, the longer they will take to actually grow.

Another good thing about having plenty of farms is that you can pretty much put every type of crop in there and harvest it, thus completing various tasks that require them.

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Collect double rewards

Every time that you complete a quest (a quest that gives actual rewards, not the ones which don’t have listed any) you will receive the option to get double rewards, so when that option is available, take advantage of it because it will pay off greatly in the end.

Basically all you need to do when this option pops up is to watch an advertisement, and all the rewards that you get from the quests (Coins, EXP, Energy) will be doubled once you finished watching the ad. This will help you collect more Energy when you are low, and also help you get more EXP and level up quicker, unlocking more buildings.

I would suggest that you do this from the very beginning because all that extra EXP will help you level up faster than usual and unlock a lot of useful buildings and decorations.

Rate the game for free rewards

At some point in the game you will get a pop up which asks you to give the game a 5 star rating. Long story short, you don’t have to actually rate the game at all – just tap on the option and you will be redirected to the game’s Play Store page.

There you can choose to either rate the game or not – it doesn’t matter, because once you press the back button and get back into the game, you will receive the reward! The reward is 20 Energy and 200 Coins, so if you want that extra free stuff, don’t miss the opportunity!

Log in daily for extra rewards

Every day that you simply open the game, you will be eligible to claim daily rewards. They consist of various loot, such as Coins, Money and other useful items, but the important thing I want to point out is that on the 5th day of logging in, you will claim a balloon.

You will have to collect a total of 4 balloons, if you want to get the free building called Lucky House. The fastest you can do this is by logging to the game 20 days in a row, so make sure that you open the game to claim the rewards, even if you don’t plan on playing that particular day!

Oh, and another important thing worth mentioning is that if you choose to watch an advertisement, you can double your rewards! So if you’re not too lazy to do it, watch that ad for double rewards!

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Watch ads for various free rewards

In case you are running low on various currencies of the game, you can choose to watch advertisements to receive some. Do this when you are a few Coins or Banknotes short of buying your desired items, or do it if you want to farm currency in advance.

– Get free Banknotes: The Banknotes are the premium currency of the game, and if you are a f2p player you will want every means possible to collect them for free. To do that, head on to the “+” next to the Banknotes in the upper right corner of the screen, and there you will see a daily offer for free Banknotes. Tap on it and you can watch an ad to claim some free premium currency.

– Get free Coins: Under the Energy bar you will see a screen that offers you free Coins in exchange for watching an ad. Tap on it, if you want to claim 200 free Coins.

I would suggest that if you want to slowly pile up on your riches, then you watch ads in advance to save up currency. This is a good idea if you are not against spending some time watching ads – as a f2p player it will be your quickest way to farm Banknotes and Coins.

Unlock more land

You can always tap on the locked plots of land which have the “Sale” sign to buy them and expand your city’s limits. If you want to build a beautiful city, then you should make sure that you expand the limits pretty early on, so that you can plan where you want to have the houses, factories, farms etc.

Unlocking more land will cost Coins – increasingly more with each expansion (200, 500, 900, 1400, 1900 and so on). So if you want to do it all at once, you will have to have saved quite a bit of currency beforehand.

Once you unlocked more land, you will then have to spend Energy to clean it off trees, rocks and whatever else is there and prevents you from building. The best you could do is to get 1-2 lands at a time, clear them out and try to expand that way, but keep in mind where you want the end-game buildings to be.

Feel free to move your constructions as you please

Once you’ve got a plan of how you want to organize your city, all you need to do is move all the buildings to fit the plan. You can move the roads, the factories, buildings and decorations as you want, by holding your finger over them until the meter fills up and you are then free to rotate and move them.

At the very beginning this shouldn’t be your concern, but the more land you unlock, the more freedom you will have to expand and organize your city.

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Don’t forget to decorate!

Every good city will need its decorations – you can build them however you want, by heading to the Build button and selecting the decorations menu. There you will see some premium decors which cost Banknotes, and some non-premium ones which cost Coins.

I suggest that you start by buying only non-premium ones, because the more you advance in the game and level up, the more premium stuff you will be able to unlock. As a f2p player your Banknotes are very important, as you can’t obtain them easily, and you need to farm them – so don’t spend them on the first decorations you see, until you are 100% sure you need and want them.

Depending on the type of decoration you get, you can increase your income or get various other boosts. Place the decorations according to what boosts you get!

My tip here:

You should start by placing down various roads, depending on the type of buildings you have in the area. I personally like the Cherry Blossom Road very much, as it can make the city unique – you can use that next to the Sakura Slide to make somewhat of a “themed Japanese square”.

These would be all of our Lily City tips and tricks that we have for you right now. Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies? Feel free to share them with us by leaving them down in the comments section below to be shared with everybody!

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Lily City Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build a Better City

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