Candleman is an atmospheric platforming adventure game in which you play as the titular Candleman, a little candle who can only burn for about ten seconds before his wick goes out. Originally released for PC and Xbox One, Candleman has lit its way onto mobile platforms.

Why is he so different from the other candles who can burn so brightly for so long? That’s the main question – and reason – that starts the journey of Candleman. In this quirky and charming platformer, you’ll guide Candleman through a series of magical environments, using what little fire he has to light the way.

Light is usually a welcomed ally, but beware – perception goes both ways and light can be a deceptive factor. Study the environment, experiment with light, and find your way through the pathways of darkness.

With stunning visuals, a dreamlike world design, and immersive sound design, Candleman is a memorable platformer that aims to put you in Candleman’s world.

Candleman is available now on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. To celebrate its mobile version release, the game is 40% off until April 10 ($2.99).


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