A mysterious virus has devastated the world, leaving only mutated zombies behind. When the sun goes down, the world is crawling with infected. Will you become one of them, or will you live to see another day?

LifeAfter is a survival third-person shooter MMO. Scavenge for supplies in the wilderness, and create your very own shelter. Just be careful not to stay out too late! Our LifeAfter cheats and tips will show you how to deal with the infected and survive!

LifeAfter is all about preparation and keeping your supplies well stocked, just like any good post-apocalyptic game should teach you. Let’s get started with our LifeAfter cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to surviving the apocalypse!

Keep your stomach satisfied!

Hunger is especially important in this game! Every time you collect raw materials, your hunger will drop down, and it slowly drops on its own over time. If your hunger is too low, you will receive a debuff and you will start to lose health over time.

Keeping yourself well-fed is really important, because when your hunger meter is high enough, you will receive the “Cozy” buff, which increases your movement speed by 5% and decreases energy consumption by 20%. This is a must for traveling in the wilderness!

Check your dog pack often!

Your dog will often times run off on its own to chase some kind of noise or disturbance it noticed. Do not worry, your little pooch will be perfectly fine on its own. It may even return with some treats for you! Be sure to check your dog’s pouch every now and then, as you may find extra supplies tucked away.

Allocate your skills!

As you perform actions in the world, you will gain Gather, Craft, or Combat mastery points. Once you have enough mastery points in a single tree, you will be able to learn new skills that grant permanent buffs to your character.

The Gathering skills are particularly important as you will need to invest some skill points in order to gather higher level materials.

The other skills, while not required, do help you out. The Combat skills can improve the power of your weapons, while the Crafting skills can help cut down on resource spending and crafting times.

Watch for the weather!

The weather can have a surprising amount of impact on your character. For example, when it is raining, your character can catch a cold, which renders them unable to sprint. It is best to stay indoors when it is raining, or limit your exposure to the rain.

There is also an advantage to the rain though. Some environments change depending on the time or weather conditions. In the beginning forest, you can find mushrooms only when it is raining, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Additionally, during the night or in certain areas, the temperature may drop to dangerous levels. Your health will slowly be sapped if you are suffering from frostbite, so it is best to keep a Torch on you to keep yourself warm. Of course, it is much better to find a bonfire and huddle by it for a while.

Get creative with your base!

As you learned in the tutorial, there are many ways to build your base of operations. You can have a sniper’s perch to take out infected safely from above, or you can go with a tried and true fortress setup with multiple walls – the choice is yours.

There is no end to the creativity, but we do recommend experimenting and see what works best with your favorite kinds of weapons.

That’s all for LifeAfter! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. I like the game. it has amazing art work and music to go with it. the video in the begining got me chills! (In a good way) but when i try to play it, it does not connect. I really want to give you guys 5 stars but i cant. i try entering into the servers but I can’t. please help me! i really want to play the game! I downloaded it once I saw the ad! but now i am losing hope! i know this game will be good and will be fun to play! just the begining of the video made me want to play it even more. #GAMEHOY


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