Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings is an all new action RPG! Hack and slash your way through a horde of dark, demonic foes. Use magical abilities to blast your foes to bits!

Collect mystical loot and gear up your hero to be the strongest demon slayer there was! We’ve got some fighting tips and tricks here, so let’s get started with our Legacy of Discord cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep powering your skills!

Your active skills can level up to a maximum equal to your own hero’s level. You need gold and skill points to level them up, and skill points regenerate over time.

You can only hold a certain amount at a time, so make sure you always use them so that you’re always generating more skill points. Y

ou should never have to worry about the gold costs, so don’t be afraid to upgrade as many skills as possible.

Watch out for the dangerous attacks!

The big enemies will sometimes stop to charge up a big attack. You’ll know when this is happening if you see a red circle.

The red circle indicates the range and area of the attack. Be sure to get out of the way quickly once you see an area pop up! You’ll take massive damage if you’re caught in the blast.

It’s OK to get hit by these early on as they won’t do that much damage, but later on in the game these will start hitting you really hard. Be warned that auto play does not care about these attack and will happily stand in them, so be careful!

Complete the quests!

Your main quests are always listed at the top left corner and you can tap them to make your hero automatically travel to their destination point.

Always be working towards these quests, as they’ll fill your pockets full of diamonds, gold, and more goodies! You’ll get side quests from time to time too, and these are just as important.

You don’t need to do them, but we recommend doing so anyways because they usually offer ways to upgrade your equipment. Speaking of equipment!

Upgrade your gear!

Your hero’s total power is a combination of their skills and their current gear. You’ve already learned about powering up your skills, and you can do the same with your gear. Your gear can be enhanced with gold, which is essentially leveling up the piece of gear.

Powering up gear functions almost identically to skills – you can only level up your gear up to your hero’s level, and you need gold to do it. That’s another thing: you only need gold.

You don’t need skill points or anything like that. This is why your gear should always be at maximum level!

Runic Realm Trick

You have 3chances a day to roll on hoping to get 5stars. If you aren’t lucky on the rolls you can spend 300Diamonds and it will roll to 5stars.

Once you get 5stars move to next rinse and repeat. You always get the same lvl runes or at least I haven’t seen any better so far. If you can’t spend the 300per stage it’s a slow go but doable just takes patience. (thanks to our reader Draka for this tip!)

That’s all for Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. With legacy game. Once your in a guild can you leave n join another… haven’t been able to find out how to do that. As the guild I first joined are all dormant. Your help is appreciated

  2. I Dont understand how the tunic realm works. I enter the first time and accumulate 9 or 12 *s out of the 20. I then go back in to get the rest of the 20 and it gives me no more *s. I don’t GET it. How do u get the 20 and how do u get better ruins or will they always be level1 ruins. Pleas get back to me.


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