Land of Doran Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Land of Doran tips and cheats and help you with everything that you might need, from choosing a class to how to get more powerful!

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Since there are quite a lot of things to do in the game, there will be plenty of things to cover and therefore you came to the right place! Because I will tell you everything that you need to know to get stronger in Land of Doran and point out all of the things that you should keep in your mind when playing.

So without further ado, let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Land of Doran tips and tricks right here below and share with you everything that you need to know to do to get more powerful!

Choose the right class for you

I am going to start by telling you which class to choose, according to your play style, because this is kind of important since the way that you play will impact plenty of things in game.

There are three main classes in the game:


This is a melee character which is mainly focused on surviving and will use his sword to defeat the enemies.


The Mage is a powerful AoE ranged damage dealer who do not have very high defense.


It is similar to the Mage, has a ranged AoE damage kit which focuses on mainly damaging enemies before they take you down.

I would suggest that if you are not very familiar with melee ranged characters, then you should definitely go for one of the other classes, which makes things much easier early on because of their range. In my opinion it is much easier to play as a ranged AoE class for a beginner, because it will help with defeating enemies much easier.

But that’s entirely up to you – choose the class that appeals the most to you, but remember that you will have to fill the role of either the tank if you choose Warrior, or damage dealer if you play Mage or Archer!

Complete the main and sub quests at the very start

As you start playing, you should start focusing on the main quest as it is going to be a great source of EXP which will let you advance quite a lot without much hassle. The main quest is a great source for EXP, gears and unlocking features in the game, so I definitely suggest that you shift all of your attention on that early on.

You will also have plenty of sub quests (side quests) which will give you EXP and items as well, so whenever you see that you have some side quests available, you should do them. Also, If you are only focusing on the main quest and kinda neglecting the side quests, you can do them all when you will want to level up some more, or cannot advance any more in the main quest (because of the level cap which you haven’t reached yet).

Tap the Download button to claim a free prize

You will notice early on in the game, in the upper right side of the screen, a Download button. Tap on that and it’s going to start downloading some game resources immediately. You can do this after you’ve started playing, or later – it doesn’t matter.

Just make sure that you do it, because once you’ve finished the download you will be able to claim the reward for free, which will give you the following items:

– Big Grow Pack (contains various stones and other upgrade items)

– 100 Sapphires

– 500k Gold

– 2x 150% EXP Potions

Make sure that you claim this because you will have plenty of Gold then and the extra 100 Sapphires will help you later on in the game, so it’s definitely something worth getting for free!

Equip the best gears

When you complete quests or defeat various bosses you will receive sometimes gears which are better than what you currently have. I would suggest that you always equip the best equipment which you can because it is going to increase your power.

You will see that if there is a piece of gear which is better than what you currently have, it will have a green arrow pointing upwards. This is super useful, as there will be some gears which will give you a huge boost in power (mainly some red gears which you will be able to pick up as drops from bosses).

I suggest that you always equip the best gears possible because they will make a big impact on your character and they will help you get stronger.

Always enhance the equipment!

Equipping the gears is one thing, but enhancing them will be an even bigger thing because it will probably end up using all of your Gold. Either way, you should still try to do it because it will affect all of the gears which you will equip in the future.

Basically you will need to head on to the Equip tab and there you will see (when the option is available) an Enhance button below the gears which will let you upgrade the said gears up to a certain level.

Whenever this becomes available, I suggest that you do it, because the equipment will stay strengthened and it will affect all of the gears which you will equip in the future – so it’s definitely something that you should do, even though it’s pretty much a Gold sink and you will end up spending all of your money.

Always Encourage with Gold in the EXP dungeon

When you are in the EXP Dungeon there is a button in the upper side of the screen, which says Encourage. Tap on that and it will give you the option to select Gold Inspire which will give you more EXP!

I suggest that you do this every time you do the EXP dungeon, which you should do daily. It will help give you a huge boost of EXP, so it’s definitely worth doing it ASAP because it will let you equip better gears and thus let you become stronger.

See an Enhance button? Check it out

A very fast way to upgrade your character’s power is to check out on the screen if you spot the Enhance button. That will appear whenever there is an upgrade which you can do, which will give you more power.

I suggest that you keep an eye out for this and whenever it appears on your screen you should tap on it and a new small menu will appear which will tell you which features you can improve (Equip, Buddy, etc). Tap on one of them and it will let you quickly upgrade one of the options. Do this whenever you can make upgrades!

Do your daily Dungeons

Every single day you will be able to do various in game dungeons which will let you claim quite a lot of rewards, depending on which ones you are doing. I suggest that you do all of them, but if you don’t have the time for it, let me tell you some of the best ones:

Abyss Dungeon: this is the EXP dungeon, and it will give you tons and tons of EXP and help you level up pretty fast early on, so it’s a super good EXP source. It won’t give you anything else, just EXP.

Guardian Angel Dungeon: it’s a good dungeon, which will give you buddy boost items and some EXP, and depending on your level, you can choose the difficulty of the dungeon.

Glyph Tower: this is a super good dungeon if you are looking to get stronger and farm it quite a bit, because it will give you glyphs which you can inlay as you unlock the slots. This gets increasingly stronger, so you will need to make several upgrades before you challenge it again if you can’t advance any further.

Team Dungeon: will let you team up with more players and challenge a stronger boss which will drop gears. It’s good,but if you are looking to do just a quick run of dungeons, you can skip it because you can just challenge the world boss for gear.

Challenge the World Boss

There will be some difficulties actually going to the multiplayer worldwide boss, because if you are not in a party, the chances are you will have to farm it for a while and hope that you will get the kill at some point.

In order to make things easier and have more chances of getting the kill you should team up with players around you, because that will make it easier to get the aggro and thus the boss kill.

Another thing you should do is try to challenge the world boss close to your level, or below your level, and not the one above your level because it will be even more difficult to get the kill for that (at least without a party).

Fighting the boss will be a very good way to gather several red gears, if you are lucky! So try to do it if you want to gear up!

Devour your old useless gear

When you will equip some new gears you will have the option to use the old gears as material to give you some more boosts to your power. All that you have to do is head on to the Buddy tab which will open the interface of your small buddy.

On the bottom side of the screen you will see the button which will let you Devour your old gear. Tap on that and you will be able to feed your old equip to your buddy. Do that and it will give you a small power boost!

Other ways to make boosts to your power:

There are several more ways that you can boost your power, so let me go through all of them:

Star up your buddy – increase its power: this can be done by using bless adv. stones and buddy boost items which you can obtain from dungeons! Do this in the Buddy tab, next to the Devour button.

Upgrade your Mount: your mount will need mount orbs or mount bless stones to be upgraded, and you can do that in the Mount tab. Head on there and tap on the Auto button to automatically upgrade your mount!

Upgrade your Wings: the wings will also boost your power, and they will require min wing gems, med wing gems or adv wing gems. They can be upgraded in the Wing tab and you should definitely try to do it.

Boost your Relic: In the Relic tab you can also boost your Relic by using Min Agi Stones, Med Agi Stones or Max Agi Stones. The Relic will also give you a Power boost, along with DEF, AVD and HP.

Equip the best Glyphs

You can obtain more Glyphs from the Glyph Dungeon and those are small stones which will boost a certain stat. You can equip the one that you want, so make sure that you equip the right one depending on what stats you will get the use of the most.

For example, as a Mage I went for ATK and some HP because those are the stones which I had the highest quality and they are also some good stats overall. So try to upgrade the Glyphs that you get and also equip the best ones always.

Check out the Shop

In the Shop tab you will have several tabs, but the one I want to focus mainly on is the Sapphire Shop tab which lets you make some purchases for Sapphires. I would suggest that you buy the Imp for 30 days for 666 Sapphires, because it is going to let you pick up boss loot automatically, and also give you +50% killing boss EXP.

That and also the Cherub are good, but now it all depends on you and how you want to spend your Sapphires.

These would be all of our Land of Doran tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and tricks? Feel free to share them with us and the other players down in the comments section below!

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Land of Doran Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

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