Kitaria Fables is an adorable action-adventure game. You, as a cat warrior, complete quests, fight bosses, and also collect and craft items.

The Coin Pouch is used to make a powerful sword in Kitaria Fables. However, to get this pouch, you will have to complete a quest, enter a dungeon, and fight a monster.

Getting and Using the Coin Pouch in Kitaria

To get the Coin Pouch, you will have to head over to Canini Beach and enter the dungeon there. The entrance of the dungeon is locked, and you need a key to open it.

Image via Kitaria Fables

Remember the teeny tiny ‘Lunch Box’ quest? To get the key to this dungeon, you have to complete that quest. The Lunch Box quest will trigger open another quest, Sunny on the Canini Beach.

If you haven’t yet completed the Lunch Box quest, you can head over to the Rivero Fortress and finish it. After that, return to Canini Beach, interact with Sunny, and complete the assigned quest. By now, you will have your key.

Now, use this key to get into the dungeon. You will come face to face with Greed the goblin. Defeating this mini-boss is not that hard. After you beat the boss, it will drop the Coin Pouch.

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Kitaria Fables: How to Get the Coin Pouch


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