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King’s Raid Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to share with you everything about King’s Raid and give you all the King’s Raid tips and cheats that we got in order to help you pass all the game’s stages.

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If you like games with cool animated 3D anime graphics, then you will most definitely fall in love with King’s Raid, because it’s as colorful and animated as it can get. The characters have very flashy skills, and all the characters (and monsters) are rendered very smoothly!

But enough with the praising here – you came to learn all that we have to offer, so let’s not waste another second and dive right into our King’s Raid tips and tricks right here below!

Follow the game’s story line – for now

At start you will not have much choice, but to follow the game’s storyline because that will get you through pretty much everything early on, and help you unlock all of the game’s features (along with various story heroes).

This will be pretty boring at start, if you are not a fan of listening to the in game story and learning more about the lore, but overall it’s quite exciting if you just want to learn various combos with your characters and try out different skills and team comps.

I suggest doing the story line battles first because you will gain quite nice EXP and Rubies, which are needed if you want to buy certain heroes.

Use Auto battle carefully

When you are fighting you will see in the top left corner of the screen an “Auto” button which, once activated, will automatically use the heroes’ skills! You should be very careful when using this, because it’s not exactly a smart AI that uses it.

The game will automatically use the skills as they are available, so if for example you have a healer, it might use the healing skill automatically even if your characters are all at full HP.

This why I suggest that you use auto only during the early stages, and if you are fighting usually super easy enemies, because otherwise the skills might be on cooldown when you will need them the most (definitely fight the powerful bosses manually, not with auto).

Gear up your heroes!

The heroes you have will be in need of some decent gears in the long run, so I suggest that you start thinking about this since the early stages of the game (as soon as you unlock the option).

When you unlock the Special Shop, you will have several tabs there, but the one we will talk about now is the “Equipment” tab. There, in the “General Summon” mini tab you will have five free tries every day, which can reward you with any type of gear, from Ancient to Common quality.

You can get more gears (and you should!) also from here, by spending Gold (for the f2p players mostly), by summoning either once or 10 times. If you choose to summon gear once, it will cost 10k Gold and you will get a random piece of gear.

If you choose to summon 10 times, you will receive an extra free summon (so 11 items) and it will cost 100k Gold. I definitely suggest doing this one, as you will already have quite a ton of Gold from just creating your character.

Now for the players who are swimming in Rubies, there is the “Special Summon” tab, which costs 250 Rubies per summon, or 2500 per 11 summons (10 paid summons and one for free).

I suggest that if you have Rubies, you should just save them for heroes, since you can get some pretty decent gear for now by just using the General Summon. Once you have the best heroes you wanted, you can then spend your Ruby on summons and other stuff like that – but until then, use the Gold gear summons.

Complete Achievements to claim tons of rewards!

In game there are quite a lot of Achievements, which can give you some very good rewards overall, from Rubies to Gold and Artifacts. It all depends on how dedicated you are, but overall you will achieve many of them by just playing.

However, one of the things I want to highlight here is that you can force some of these achievements by reading through the requirements and then trying to do exactly what they ask of you.

I definitely suggest checking out the Achievements -> Heroes tab, because there you will see that each hero has their own set of achievements. These can be achieved for each in game hero individually, so of course – the more heroes you got, the more achievements you can complete!

Link for free Rubies

Try to also check the tab called Achievements -> Community, because there you will also be able to claim an extra 100 Rubies by linking your account with Google Play, Game Center or Facebook.

All of the Rubies that you can get are important in the end, because you never know when you will be 5 Rubies short of getting a hero, so make sure you do everything that you can in game to claim as many as possible, and also hold on to them!

Visit the Hero’s Inn!

First things first – you should know how to navigate the menu, because it might be a little bit confusing at start.

Just to make sure, if you are having trouble with this, you need to know that the main menu is like a city – there, you can see various buildings and you actually walk from one to the other, then tap on the bottom right corner of the screen to open that menu.

If you are in the Campaign mode (Chapter), you will have to exit that by walking back to the beginning. Now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you about the Hero Inn! This can be found in the city, and at the Hero’s Inn (Hero’s Inn -> Visit the Inn) you can form relationships with some of the heroes currently there (you can select them from the top left, there are a few of them).

You can only have one relationship at once, so make sure you pick a hero that you need the most from the list (you can check their classes from the icon next to their portraits). Then, you can send them a gift of Gold once per day, and also Greet them once per day!

For all of this, you will gain Kinship (you can see the meter on top), but if you choose to have a relationship with another hero, all of your hard work will disappear! So make sure you don’t do this unless you really, really mean to (because it’s a lot of work).

You can also play the Mini Game (which can be found under the heroes portraits), but this can be done only once a day! So make sure you don’t forget, because the rewards are extremely good!

Equip your heroes with gears!

You should always equip the best gear you get to your heroes, because it will make a huge difference when you fight. Always, whenever you get something new, make sure you always swap the old item for the new, because it will definitely be worth it.

There are a few types of gear, and all of them are basically color coded, so if you are curious how they are, let me explain: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Heroic, Ancient and Legendary (Grey / white -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Red -> Yellow). Always make sure your heroes got the best gear equipped!

Awaken your gear!

If you summoned your gears following what we said before, you probably ended up with several duplicates of the same item, some with more stars than others. Well, if you head on to the Forge, you can go to Improve Equipment and there you will have 4 options: Awaken, Option Enhancement, Reforge and Enchant.

Always awaken the gear that you have and use (the good one, of course – starting with purple), because it will make a big difference. Another thing worth mentioning – if you have several 0 star items, one or two 1 star and so on, always start with the worst ones, and move your way up to awakening the best one at the end.

For example let’s say you have a 2 star sword. You also have a few 0 star ones, and 1 star. Start by awakening the 0 star ones together, then the 1 star ones together, and at the end, you will definitely have a second 2 star sword. When you forge them together, you will get a 3 star one with a 100% chance.

Basically the chance of success decreases the worse the gear is! So make sure you do this with the best gears that you don’t really get so easily.

A few other King’s Raid tips and tricks:

– Check the General Store often. Here you can find various goods every day, because the shop will refresh every few hours. Everything here costs Gold, and the goods can be extremely good! So check back often!

– Keep your inventory clean! When you tap on the bag, you can see all the gears that you’ve hoarded so far. Use the best one, and the grey, green and blue ones you can just Grind or sell. By Grinding, you will obtain Magic Powder and Stardust (from Rare gears), and from Selling you will get Gold.

– Check the Stockade! There you will have various dungeons where you can fight, and earn tons of goods. You have a limited number of tickets, but they refresh every day so make sure you do them whenever you can.

– If you find yourself being stuck (not knowing really what to do next), you can always just continue with the Campaign mode or check the quests! They will automatically lead you the right way!

These would be all of our King’s Raid tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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