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Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Guide: Tips & Cheats To Start the Adventure

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Guide: Tips & Cheats To Start the Adventure
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The battle to liberate the continent of Lorasian begins now in Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War, a new tactical strategy RPG from Neowiz, the creators behind Brave Nine and Tapsonic Top. Build a team of mighty heroes in this fantasy anime RPG and unleash powerful skills with cool animations against your foes in exciting turn-based tactical combat.

In Touch Tap Play’s Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of building a strong team of heroes. There is a lot to cover here for beginners, so let’s talk about that in our Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to start the adventure!

Progress Through the Story Mode

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is a lot like other anime gacha RPGs in the sense that the game does not really open up to you fully until you progress through the main campaign far enough.

Because of this, before you can even worry about farming up for your strongest heroes, you will want to get through the early stages of the campaign, specifically at least up to district six.

By the time you have reached district six, you will have unlocked the Arena, The Rift, Rune Dungeons, and the Awakening Valley, locations that are important for upgrading your team to their fullest potential.

The early districts are not too challenging to get through – make sure to use your free hero summons to get a team of at least 4-star heroes and you should be able to auto-battle your way through them.

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Building a Party

You will start the game with only three slots in your party, which kind of limits your ability to create a balanced team. Never fear however, as your party will expand to four slots once you clear the first district.

In addition to the elemental affinities like fire, tree, and water, each hero in the game belongs to a certain class. There are five classes in total, and they each excel at different combat aspects, so it is usually a good idea to build a balanced team with different classes.

Fighters (sword icon) are your general fighters who like to get up close and personal. They have relatively balanced stats, and they wield powerful skills that allow them do dish out big damage. They are great in just about any situation!

Guardians (shield icon) are your frontline melee warriors who lead the charge into battle. They have less attack power compared to the other classes, but they make up for it with increased health and defense. They often come with skills that provide them with self-sustain and provoking abilities, which allow them to grab enemies’ attention and protect the rest of the team.

Wizards (staff icon) are powerful magic users that can blast their foes using the elements. Wizards are squishy, but they deal massive area damage with their skills, and they can often debuff enemies to make them even more vulnerable.

Archers (bow icon) are deadly snipers that can pick off enemies from afar. They often come packing very strong single-target skills, allowing them to take out high priority targets from safe distances.

Priests (cross icon) are the backbone of your party and they are capable of supporting the rest of the time with buff skills and healing abilities. Your party will be able to last much longer thanks to a Priest, so make sure to bring one and protect them!

Choosing your Free 5-star Hero

New players of Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War will find a special prize waiting for them in their mail storage. This prize will allow them to choose one free 5-star hero of their choice!

If you are new to the game, you will probably have a tough time deciding on who to pick. This choice can make your early game – and even mid to late game – much easier to farm resources.

A very popular pick within the community right now is Ingway, a tree element Guardian hero. His basic attack is an area attack that removes debuffs from himself to the enemies hit. He can provoke as well, and his basic attack deals more damage the higher his maximum HP is.

His first skill, Nature’s Paradox, with hits enemies with an area and blocks HP recovery for two turns, and it also has a small chance to apply recovery to Ingway. Nature’s Paradox has a 6-turn cooldown, but every successful hit decreases the cooldown by one turn.

His second skill, King’s Wrath, increases his base accuracy by 10% and gives him a 35% chance to counter attack when hit by a melee attack.

His awakened skill, Power of Rejuvenation, grants him HP recovery at the end of the turn if he does not have a debuff on him. Additionally, if he is below 30% health when this happens, he gains increased defense for a turn.

With strong self-sustain, enemy healing denial, and an area-hitting basic attack, you can probably see why Ingway is one of the better Guardians. His natural abilities are further amplified with the right runes, which can make him nigh invulnerable.

A popular rune choice for him is the vampire set, which grants the hero lifesteal. Since he can be buffed to do very good damage with his basic attack, he will be gaining a lot of HP back.

Realistically, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to the free 5-star hero, but again, making a good pick will help you progress through the early game much faster. We highly recommend reading the player reviews for any heroes you are interested in to see what the community has to say about them, and then decide.

Setting up Runes

Each hero possess a rune wheel which can be slotted with six rune fragments. Each rune will power up the hero’s stats. These stat improvements are very important – even more so than regular level ups. At the later stages, a bad rune setup can hinder a hero’s performance significantly.

First off, runes come with five rarities and and up to six stars. The rarities go like this: normal, magical, rare, heroic, and legendary. The higher a rune’s rarity, the better the stat boosts will be on it.

Secondly – and most importantly – each rune belongs to a certain family, like “life” or “charge”. Each of these families deals with improving a specific set of stats, so you will want a basic idea of what you want area of your hero you want to improve before equipped runes.

For general ideas, you can build around your hero’s playstyle. For example, Guardian heroes would benefit from life runes to increase their maximum health because they will be getting hit a lot.

For more ideas, go to the hero’s profile and go to the “review” section. Here you can see opinions from other real life players and what runes they recommend.

In addition to that, each rune family has a special set bonus that activates only when the hero has equipped enough runes from that family. For example, equipped two life runes will increase the hero’s maximum HP by 20%. Any further life runes will increase max HP by another 20% per rune.

You will want to ideally activate as many set bonuses as you can for the hero as possible. A Guardian hero, for example, can equip two stone skin and two resistance runes to become incredibly tanky with higher defense and resistance.

Some set bonuses activate at just two runes, while other activate at four runes. You can tap on the question mark at the top right corner of the rune screen to see all the rune families and their effects, so study up and build your heroes right!

Farming Guide

Now that you have a powerful hero and you have progressed through the main story a bit, you can start farming for resources to upgrade the rest of your team.

The first thing you will want to do is awaken your favorite heroes. When a hero is awakened, their appearance changes and their rarity stars turn purple, causing them to unlock their final skill. A hero’s final skill is usually very powerful, so awaken when you can.

To awaken a hero, you will need to gather awakening materials which can be found in the appropriately named Awakening Valley. Make sure that you choose the right dungeon – there is one for each element.

Next, you will want to outfit your heroes with their optimized runes. You can farm for runes in the Rune Dungeon, which gets gradually harder but rewards you with more runes.

This should be enough to power up your favorite heroes. You should have a really good team at this point, so now it is time to chase after the other things.

The Tower of Arrogance is a limited time dungeon that is constantly changing. When the tower takes a new form, it will stay in that form for a few days. The tower has 100 floors, and if you can make it all the way to the top you will earn some rare rewards, like Advanced Summon Scrolls, Spirit Stones, crystals, and more.

The enemies you fight will get stronger and stronger the higher you ascend the tower, so make sure your team is prepared for a lengthy battle. If you make progress in the tower, be sure to keep an eye on the time limit – you do not want to the tower to change while you are in middle of one, as you will lose all progress.

Lastly, The Rift is a special dungeon that can open sometimes whenever you clear a main story stage. The Rift contains dungeons for one specific enemy, and if you can clear the dungeon you will earn hero pieces corresponding to the enemy.

With enough hero pieces, you can summon the hero properly, but the heroes you get from these dungeons are usually low rarity and best used for experience fodder. With a strong team, you can get through these dungeons fairly easy and farm up a bunch of low rarity heroes for easy experience.

Rifts are only open for a limited time, so it is usually a good idea to enter them as soon as you see one you interested in. You only have a limited amount of entries, after which you must wait for the next opening.

And that about covers everything you need to know to get started on Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Guide: Tips & Cheats To Start the Adventure


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